The PWA application will automatically resume running after the Google Chrome browser crashes and restarts

Foreign media Windows Latest reported that Microsoft is working with Google to make a new change that will improve the experience of Chrome-based PWA applications. After adding this feature in Chromium, PWA will be restored correctly, even if Chrome restarts due to an update or crash, the operating system will remember their status.

The PWA application will automatically
“The session state currently only includes the tab window, not the PWA. This must be changed. In some cases, the PWA must be restored when the browser is restarted. But the PWA session state must be logically separated from the tab window session state to help Keep the illusion that PWA is like a native application and not part of the browser.” Microsoft explained this idea in a document.

This change will restore the Web application through the “browser session restoration system”. Recovery will work in this way.

When the PWA is restored, the properties usually tracked for the browser window will be tracked and restored (such as window position, screen, size, etc.).

Opening the PWA directly should not trigger a restore like a normal window. (For example, opening Twitter PWA should only do these, and not do other things, do not restore the PWA, do not open the browser, except for some restrictions on macOS).

Open the browser directly should behave as it is now – in most cases still should not restore PWA.

On Windows and Linux, Microsoft pointed out that normal browser restore and PWA restore should not affect each other. The restored data structure is flexible enough to support additional fields, such as the window positioning or display mode of the Web application.

This method extends browser session restoration, storing PWA and tabbed browser sessions in separate files. One restore can restore two sessions at the same time-only the browser tabbed session or only the PWA session.

“The separation between the browser session and the application session is not an illusion – it will actually be achieved. Closing and opening the PWA will never affect the browser session,” Microsoft noted.