The number of 5G users in South Korea approached 10 million in October

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By the end of October, the number of 5G users in South Korea had reached 9.98 million, an increase of 735,113 from the previous month, according to data from the South Korean Ministry of Science and Information And Communication Technology.

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5G users make up 14.2 percent of South Korea’s total mobile phone population. There are 70.4 million mobile phone users in South Korea. The country launched the world’s first commercial 5G in April 2019.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series of smartphones went on sale in South Korea on Oct 30. The iPhone 12 is also apple’s first smartphone line to support 5G, and is expected to boost 5G adoption in South Korea.

The iPhone 12 series is estimated to have sold about 600,000 units in South Korea since its launch.

South Korea’s 4G subscriber base continues to decline. The number of 4G users in October was 53.9 million, down 397,118 from the previous month.