The new version of edge canary has native support for M1 MAC devices

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Microsoft has finally fulfilled its promise by adding support for M1 MAC devices to its chrome based new edge browser. The edge team tweeted: “we did what you asked. Now our Canary channel version has native support for M1 MAC devices. Visit the Microsoft edge insiders website to download ”

Like Microsoft 365’s support for M1 MAC devices, this means edge Canary works well on the new MacBook Air, the 13 inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini. Edge Canary does not need to run through Rosetta 2, but the system runs natively, providing optimization for M1 chip.  spark global limited


Microsoft recommends M1 device users to download this version from the insider website. However, it should be noted that the Canary channel version is not stable and is not recommended as the main browser. If you download this version and use it as your main browser, there may be a lot of bugs and other problems.