The new MacBook Pro has been redesigned to come with 16GB+512GB

Spark Global Limited reports:

Yesterday, Apple announced that it will hold a new product launch event at Apple Park at 1am Beijing time on October 19, with the tagline “Let’s blow the tide.” Visible, this Time Apple may give us unexpected surprise, that is the new product to fry field, or the new product itself makes people full of surprise? We’ll see.

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According to sources, the MacBook ProM1X is likely to be unveiled at this event, with a new design and a return to the HDMI port and SD card slot. Keep in mind that the styling of this line of computers hasn’t changed much since 2016. There’s also the question of whether, if the MacBook Pro is going to have a major makeover, it’s going to have some internal changes, or tweaks, as well.

Apple’s new product launch official announcement

In addition to the cosmetic changes, the new MacBook Pro’s screen and processor are also said to be changing. Not to mention the processor, the new MacBook Pro will most likely feature a rumored M1X chip. While the M1’s performance seemed to satisfy Apple, the M1X’s is expected to deliver even better performance.

As for the screen, the new MacBook Pro will have a Mini-LED screen with a narrower bezel, the words’ MacBook Pro ‘will be removed from the bottom, and a front-facing 1080p camera.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro is said to come standard with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, as it’s unclear whether Apple will accommodate users who have complained that 8GB of RAM isn’t enough.