The new iPhone finally touches the heel of Android

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 upgrade will also have a 4G version

With the coming of hot summer, the traditional digital hot season of golden nine silver ten is not far away.

Recently, the news about the new generation of iPhone has gradually increased. It is said that the iPhone 13 will be mass produced as soon as August, with a stock of 90 million.

In terms of price, there is also some peripheral information. The new iPhone may be priced at $699.

When the iPhone 12 series was launched last year, apple chose to postpone its debut in January. This year, the situation is better than last year, and it is believed that there will be no postponement. Foxconn recently raised the relevant awards and began to prepare for the upcoming iPhone mass production.

The new iPhone may start mass production in August, and its price is comparable to that of the iPhone 12 (the picture shows the iPhone 12 Series)

Previously, it was revealed that the new generation iPhone series still provides four models, which will support intelligent refresh rate adjustment of 1-120hz. The whole series will be upgraded to A15 processor. The chip will be made with TSMC n5p process, that is, the second generation 5nm. Compared with A14, the performance will be improved by at least 20%, and the efficiency will be improved by 30%.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of iPhone will also be changed, and the bangs will be reduced. In addition, according to trendforce, the iPhone 13 series will not have a 1TB version, which means the maximum storage capacity is 512gb.

As for the release time and price, overseas netizens believe that the iPhone 13 is expected to appear on September 14 (Tuesday).

In addition, the price of the new machine keeps up with that of the previous generation, that is, 699 US dollars, and the corresponding domestic price is 5499 yuan.

According to the current information, the new generation of iPhone is mainly based on steady upgrade, and there is no “big change” in appearance or function.

However, there is no mention of new color matching in many revelations. We may as well look forward to whether Apple will bring new colors at that time.