The new iPhone 14 is coming to light.

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Believe that there is a continuous attention to the Infinite Ming Mei so far apple fans should be clear, in fact, in accordance with apple’s consistent update strategy, this year’s iPhone 13 hotspot is not very sufficient, after all, only in the iPhone 12 on the basis of a small range of upgrades.

In fact, Apple is still continuing the habit of upgrading the iPhone every two years. If this continues, then the iPhone 14 upgrade will be very beautiful, and the appearance will definitely be adjusted, so will the bangs be removed?

While the iPhone 13 series, Apple’s flagship product for 2021, has yet to hit the market, we’ve recently seen information about the iPhone 14 series as Apple typically starts planning its products a year or two in advance.

That’s not according to jpmorgan’s latest report, which predicts apple will launch the iPhone 14 in the second half of 2022, with bigger specification changes than the iPhone 13. The higher-end models are expected to be made of titanium, supplied exclusively by Hon Hai.

What’s titanium? Titanium alloy is a kind of alloy metal made of many kinds of titanium and other metals. It has the advantages of high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. It is commonly used in aero-engine body and is a new important structural material in aerospace industry. The material has been tried before, but the price will no doubt go up. It is entirely possible that the advanced iPhone 14 will have a titanium body.

In addition, other models will use aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame. The stainless steel frame is supplied by Hon Hai and Jabli. Lens and Lisun are also applying for certification. Aluminum alloy frame is supplied by Lens, Jabli.

In addition, minmei infinite today and by the way, the mobile phone industry mainstream framework material is stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, aluminum alloy has the advantage of shooting and heat conduction performance is good, but due to thermal conductivity is too good, will the CPU heat into the hands of the user, hot, aluminum alloy material is obstructed signal. Therefore, some mobile phones will use plastic in the box, plastic in the box problem is that the hand is too poor, low grade.

After the advent of 5G era, mobile phones have to be equipped with large batteries, multiple antennas, and flagship phones generally weigh more than 200G. Many consumers, including minmei Unlimited, have complained that the phones are too heavy and that their wrists ache after playing with them in bed. Titanium alloys have the advantage of being much less dense than other commonly used metals for the same strength.

Titanium alloy also has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, harmless to the body and other properties, often used in aerospace or other cutting-edge science and technology fields. Now that Apple is using it on its phones, it’s a sure way to boost their durability and reduce their weight.

The material does have some drawbacks, though. Greasy fingerprints can be easily seen on exposed titanium and titanium alloy surfaces, leaving an unsightly mark on the equipment. Titanium’s hardness also makes it difficult to etch, making it harder to add designs.

Apple has been working on ways to overcome both problems. Recent patent applications show that Apple is considering using thin oxide coatings on metal surfaces, which could significantly reduce the presence of fingerprints on devices. The company also outlined a sandblasting, etching and chemical process to give the titanium case a high gloss, which makes the appearance more attractive.

The jpmorgan report also confirmed rumors that next year’s iPhone specification changes will be bigger than the upcoming iPhone13, suggesting That Apple has designated 2022 as an iPhone supercycle — a year when far more people than usual upgrade to the latest model.

It’s also worth mentioning today that the same new feature that was previously announced on the iPhone 13 series will not be available on the iPhone 14, and that’s touchID. It was previously announced that touchID will be back on the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 will support both touchID and Face ID, but there are many times when touchID is more useful than Face ID, such as when unlocking the iPhone with a mask on.

According to Mark Gurman, there will be no touchID support on the iPhone13 series, only faceID. It’s been announced that touchID will return to the iPhone 14, but we’ll have to wait until the iPhone 13 to see if touchID will be available.

Previous reports have suggested that this year’s iPhone 13 will have much smaller bangs than its predecessor, and if the technology continues to improve, the iPhone 14 will indeed have no bangs. Will it be an underscreen camera or an underscreen fingerprint?

In addition, jpmorgan also said that due to the low popularity of the mini model, the iPhone 14 series will be eliminated, only two 6.1-inch and one 6.7-inch models. The emergence of this situation, in fact, also expected. After all, the iPhone 12 Mini flopped in the market, and it’s inevitable that smaller phones will be replaced by larger ones. What’s more, apple will release the iPhone SE3 in the first half of next year. The mini version of the iPhone 14 is unlikely to be necessary as it will be harvested early for users with smaller screens. But since the iPhone 14 series is still a year away from release, apple could change its plans in the meantime.

In other news, apple fans have long had a strong desire for the iPhone to have a high screen, however, the iPhone 13 series, which was released in September, Only the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are equipped with the 120Hz high-brush screen exclusively supplied by Samsung, while the lower version still uses the low 60Hz screen. The iPhone14 will be standard with 120Hz high brush screen.

Plus, there are currently only 2x and 2.5x limits for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Apple may bring “foldable” telephoto lenses to the iPhone 14 by 2022. The new technology allows the iPhone14 to take 10x blurry photos, support a 48MP sensor and 8K video recording.

As for the launch date, JPMORGAN believes apple is likely to launch the iPhone 14 in the second half of 2022, with a larger specification change than the iPhone 13 series.

As the iPhone 13 Revelations continue to pile up, it’s too early to say whether the iPhone 14 will have a titanium case. If it is confirmed that the high-end version of the iPhone 14 will have a titanium casing, its price will be further increased.

In the end, minmei Unlimited also wants to say: if the above Revelations are accurate, if you are in a hurry to replace the new iPhone fans, don’t wait for the iPhone 13, it is recommended to buy the iPhone 12 has been significantly reduced in advance. If you have another year of iPhone models, wait for the iPhone 14 to arrive. What do you think?

So, if you have anything to say about apple’s latest iPhone 14 release, please leave a comment for Minmei Unlimited and join us!