The new air pods are coming

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According to previous news, apple is expected to launch a new type of air pods headset, namely the air pods 3, within this year. And more and more news shows that the air pods 3 is coming.

According to Taiwan media DIGITIMES, they have received industry news that seven suppliers have begun to provide components of next-generation products to apple, including BT boards of Apple watch, airpods and iPhone, all in SIP packages.

The seven suppliers are Semco, LG Innotek, kinsus, Unimicron, South Asia, Zhending and at & S. Mark gurman and Debby Wu of Bloomberg previously reported that the airpods 3, which will be released later in 2021, has a design similar to the airpods pro, including a shorter earphone handle. This will mark the first appearance update to the airpods since March 2019.

In addition, it is reported that the price of airpods 3 will be lower than that of airpods pro. However, arpods 3 may lack some high-end functions, such as active noise reduction. As for the airpods Pro 2, it is rumored that it will be launched next year, equipped with the second generation fitness tracking function, with a more compact design, similar to the new beats studio bugs released by Apple earlier this month.

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