The most accurate watch in the world was born

News on January 26th. At present, the common atomic watches on the market are generally synchronized with the international atomic clock through wireless signals to reduce time errors. And I found the most punctual “watch” in the world on a strange website called leapsecond.

A user posted that his brother-in-law Bill created the world’s first atomic clock watch, which is composed of an HP5071A cesium atomic clock and two “straps”.

The watch has an error of a few nanoseconds per day, is equipped with a 7-segment red LED screen, the battery can provide 45 minutes of battery life, and an AC charger is included.

Finally, he also joked: Users can choose stainless steel or adjustable nylon straps, and the strap color can also be customized.

It is found that leapsecond is a folk watch collection website dedicated to discovering the most accurate clock