The latest rendering of Huawei P50 Pro exposed netizens: really? I don’t believe it

The latest rendering of Huawei P50 Pro exposed netizens: really? I don't believe it

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On the evening of November 24, Huawei’s P50 Pro rendering was exposed on the Internet, which not only absorbed the features of P40 series and mate 30 series products but also ensured a very high product identification.

Huawei P50 Pro rendering

According to the rendering of this exposure, the most special feature in the design of Huawei P50 Pro lies in the camera part on the back. This time, it is not a complete circle, but it is sliced and flattened on one side to form a very special visual feeling. In addition, this mobile phone has four cameras in the back. The front design of the phone is similar to Huawei’s P40 Pro, with a four curved screen and a pill shaped hole.

Huawei P40 Pro

It is worth noting that although the mobile phone in the rendering picture is “the work of netizens”, it is made according to the design patent applied by Huawei, so the design in the picture is not completely groundless. However, Huawei’s P50 series probably won’t adopt this design, because it lacks design continuity compared with previous P-Series products.

There are reports that Huawei plans to release the P50 Series in the first half of next year, and Samsung and LG are already preparing for the supply of screens. On the most critical chip issue, the mobile phone may carry three different chips, namely Kirin 9000, Tianji and Qualcomm snapdragon, to ensure the product supply.