The latest iPad Pro in 2021 is online!

In April of this year, at the Apple Spring Conference, Apple launched a new 2021 iPad Pro. So far, it has been more than a month, and the current cellular version of iPad Pro has arrived. Compared with the former, the cellular version of the iPad Pro is indeed a bit more expensive than the regular version of the iPad Pro, but the cellular version of the iPad Pro is even better, because it supports 5G cellular networks, so it is more convenient to use.

The latest iPad Pro in 2021 is online!
iPad Pro 2021 cellular version is on the shelves

It is reported that the hardware configuration of the new iPad Pro is very powerful. In terms of performance, it has the blessing of the M1 chip, and its performance is far ahead. In terms of screen, the new iPad Pro uses a 12.9-inch Liquid retina XDR display, which maximizes the visual dynamic range. In terms of configuration, the new iPad Pro is the first to support 5G cellular networks. In addition, we also learned that the front camera of the new iPad Pro has a new “person centered” function, and the bottom interface has lightning strike technology blessing, which to a certain extent provides users with convenience and enhances the user experience.

iPad Pro 2021

Of course, in addition to the iPad Pro, its accessories are definitely indispensable, and there will be many on-line this year. For example, the new white version of Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil, etc. Of course, it is precisely because of the combination of these things that the iPad Pro can be more convenient to use.