The in-depth interpretation of the Internet celebrity hair dryer requires a face but also a “back killer”

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The legendary “back figure killer” has two key points, the first is a good figure, and the second is the flowing hair. Face shape is an innate gene, but body shape and hairstyle can rely on acquired efforts. Of course, the backs of all the fairies present here are nice and nice. Therefore, choosing a hairdryer suitable for your girlfriend is the direction for all male friends to work hard!

01 Two doubts about hair dryers

Doubt 1: Can I just dry my hair without blowing it?

This behavior is generally seen in boys, such as washing their hair at night, but they are too lazy to blow their hair and just dry it. I have done this a few times myself, ranging from itchy scalp to headaches and even catching a cold. Even if you do this often without any problems, it is highly recommended. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, if the hair is not dried, it is naturally dried or evaporates slowly, which will cause heavy moisture in the head, which may cause headaches and colds. And natural air-drying will easily take away more water, which is the same as washing your face without wiping your face. Wet hair is prone to bacteria and dust, which can cause dandruff, even an itchy scalp, and inflammation. Just after washing the hair, the hair scales are in an open state, which is easily damaged by friction and affects the hair quality. It is also recommended that you follow the direction of the cuticles, or fiddle around with your hair when you use a towel to dry your hair after washing your hair. Don’t do the opposite. Dare to ask, can you style your hair with wet hair?

Doubt 2: Does high temperature really damage hair?

The answer is yes. High temperatures of around 60 degrees Celsius will cause the edges of hair scales to fall off, just like dried straw. Fur texture accounts for about 80% of the hair volume and is composed of keratin. It determines the elasticity and color of the hair. Keratin makes the hair shiny, healthy, and strong. If the fur texture is damaged, it will cause the hair to break easily. Forked, dry, etc. However, the current mainstream hair dryers have different temperature gear options, and the temperature of the middle and low grades generally does not reach 60 degrees Celsius. It just takes longer to dry hair. Of course, if you are a boy, you may not care about this little damage, because after a month, you will shave off the damaged hair. But it is recommended that everyone use medium and low temperature blowing.spark global limited

02 How does the hairdryer dry the hair?

Everyone knows the principle of a hairdryer, it is nothing more than to accelerate evaporation, but the different ways of accelerating evaporation also determine the type of hairdryer. After understanding this, you will know how to better choose the right products for you. The three factors that affect dry hair (evaporation) are temperature, evaporation surface area, and the velocity of the air flowing on the surface of the evaporated body. The higher the temperature, the more active the water molecules, and the faster the evaporation speed; when the moisture is constant, the larger the surface area of ​​the object evaporates, and the faster the evaporation speed in the same time; the faster the airflow on the surface of the evaporated object, The faster the liquid evaporates in the same time. Therefore, the focus of research on hair dryers falls on high wind speeds and high temperatures. But too high temperature can damage hair. How to solve the contradiction between high temperature and hair damage? Some new technologies have emerged.

03 What function are we using the hairdryer?

1. Healthy and fast-drying hair

There are three types of mainstream hair dryers in the market. One type is high-speed hair dryers based on Dyson, the second type is anion/water ion hair dryers based on Panasonic, and the third type is ordinary. The above introduced the principle of the hairdryer to dry hair, which uses airflow and heat to remove moisture from hair. Traditional hair dryers can only reach 20,000 revolutions due to the limitation of motor technology, while Dyson high-speed hair dryers can reach 110,000 revolutions. Even if there is no blade design at the hollowed-out air duct, the wind is still at the wind when the air reaches the air outlet. 3 times the traditional hairdryer.