The high refresh rate is also this year’s flagship mobile phone

The high refresh rate is also this year’s flagship mobile phone keen screen display technology, can bring more fluent experience. In addition to 120Hz, this screen is the same as the k30s supreme commemorative edition. It can shift gears with high brush speed and support six gears. The speed change is mainly able to match the screen’s actual content to the mouth and the refresh rate. For example, when playing a 24fps movie, the screen will be 48Hz realistic. When playing a 25FPS TV series, it will automatically switch to 50Hz. Only after the screen and the real content are matched can the screen be changed to a higher speed It feels smoother, and of course it saves electricity.

In addition, other parts of the screen are still in the normal level of the middle end, LCD screen, resolution 2400×1080.

Is the first snapdragon 750g chip OK?

In terms of performance, the first company has just released the high pass snapdragon 750g processor, which is a midrange chip. The question you should be concerned about is whether this chip can work. In fact, its positioning is slightly lower than the current market snapdragon 765G, but it is a little higher than 730g. Let’s take a look at the running points. The running score of Antu rabbit is 340000.

In terms of performance, the difference is very small compared with 765G. In terms of storage, ufs2.2 is the first to carry ufs2.2. Ufs2.2 wants to upgrade ufs2.1 just like ufs3.1 wants to upgrade uiufs3.0, and has added writeturbo sequential write enhancement.

In terms of endurance, the battery has a capacity of 4820 MAH, supports 33W fast charging, and still has infrared and NFC.

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4820 MAH battery capacity

It is worth mentioning that the z-axis linear motor is used for the first time on the note series, and the dual superlinear speakers are installed for the first time. It will be better for daily typing and playing or in many scenes. It is also quite sincere