The “handle” in the vertical vacuum cleaner category

The "handle" in the vertical vacuum cleaner category

In 2020, as the home appliance industry as a whole is facing a “survival” situation, the small home appliance market has sprung up, and the sales of vacuum cleaners are growing against the trend, and the market penetration rate continues to rise.

According to Koubei Home Appliances, as a representative brand of domestic high-end household cleaning and health appliances, Lake insists on using technological innovation to build its core competitiveness. Its Mojie M12MAX not only creates a new category of vertical handheld vacuum cleaners, but also takes over German industrial design “Red” with its strong strength. Authoritative awards such as “Point Award”, “IDEA Award” for American Industrial Design, and “Red Top Award” for the Supreme Award of China’s High-end Home Appliances. So what are the exclusive secrets for this explosive model that has received rave reviews from the user community?

The "handle" in the vertical vacuum cleaner category
Appearance configuration: benchmarking Dyson, vertical design and light hand feel a lot of bonus points

As the highest performance wireless vacuum cleaner of the Lake brand, the color of the Lake M12max is different from the common red-gray, blue-gray or pure white colors on the market. Instead, it uses a black backbone with a golden shell and a transparent The dust box looks quite textured.

Taking into account the various details of home cleaning, Lake M12max is very fully prepared in terms of accessories. In addition to the floor brush head, it also has a mattress brush head that can remove mites, and a suitable for deep gap cleaning dust. Two-in-one flat suction brush head, a two-in-one suction head for cleaning the sofa, a pet brush that can clean pet hair and clothing hair, in addition to a soft brush, an adapter and a telescopic hose , These three hoses are combined with the handle and the handheld host, you can easily clean the sanitary corners in the high places or the ceiling.

Different from the mainstream handheld vacuum cleaners on the market, Lake M12max innovatively designs both the main unit and the dust box in the lower part of the whole machine. The advantage of this design is that it can make full use of the principle of leverage, and you can clearly feel more when using it. Save effort. We must know that the mainstream handheld vacuum cleaners on the market are still imitating Dyson’s practice, and the core components of the vacuum cleaner are concentrated on the handle.

What’s more attractive is that the LED screen on the top of the fan is like a black crystal. While displaying the percentage of electricity, the design is also more noble. The digital interactive mode of the motor tail, whether it is vertical suction or hand-held cleaning, users can grasp the power of the vacuum cleaner at any time, which is convenient to see.

which is convenient to see.
In fact, the most worth mentioning of this product is the design solution that can stand on the ground at any time. The biggest advantage of this small design detail is that it really frees the user’s hands and allows the user to vacuum when vacuuming. Handle other affairs in a timely manner, such as making and receiving phone calls and doing other housework. Such a design is almost absent in the handheld vacuum cleaner market that imitates Dyson. When encountering an emergency, the user can only put the handheld vacuum cleaner like Dyson down or put it back into the charging dock, which is very inconvenient.

Use experience: Adapt to a variety of scenarios, more distinctive in human-computer interaction

The Lake M12max is equipped with the latest 550W digital motor developed by Lake Electric. The suction power of the whole machine reaches 200AW. Whether it is floor crack dust, scattered food debris, or other particles, it can be cleaned with one suction without repeated vacuuming. .

At the same time, it is also equipped with 8 3000 mAh lithium batteries, the theoretical battery life can reach 80 minutes, while the maximum battery life of the Dyson V11 is only 40 minutes. When fully charged, Lake M12max can clean a room of 500 square meters, which is enough for ordinary families.

In order to ensure the cleanness and safety of home air, the Lake M12MAX vertical vacuum cleaner adopts a patented three-stage tornado design and is designed with a four-layer purification system, which can effectively filter 0.3μm fine dust particles, with a purification rate of 99.97% and a ratio of exhaust air. Cleaner by inhalation.

According to Koubei Home Appliances, the R&D team of Lake took into account the pain points of insufficient arm strength caused by the small size of Asian users, especially women, and used the principle of leverage to lower the center of gravity of the vacuum cleaner, thus bringing a lighter and more flexible cleaning experience.

In actual use, the operation of Lake M12max is very smooth, the hand feels very easy when pushing and cleaning, and the direction control is very handy, and it is not tired to push and pull back and forth. After changing to the handheld mode, I feel a little weight. After all, the entire main control motor is held in the hand, and the cleaning effect on the desktop and sofa is also immediate, and the efficiency is very high.

In particular, in order to meet the need to clean the whole house without blind spots, Lake M12max also specially prepared telescopic hoses. With the extended handle, users can easily clean the dead spots in the high places in the house, such as the top of the wardrobe, the top of the refrigerator, Ceilings, bookcases, etc.

The storage of the Lake M12max is very convenient. It can be easily placed in any corner of the home. If you want to charge, you can find a corner with a socket. Compared with Dyson, it is obviously convenient to find a support surface for the vacuum cleaner to fix the charging stand. a lot of.

In addition, most of the components of the Lake M12max are designed with buckles, just like playing Lego blocks, one by one. For the male owner, it is equivalent to a set of tools. For the hostess, the easy disassembly and assembly lowers the threshold for cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, both dust boxes can be easily removed and washed, and the roller brush also supports direct washing, so that the vacuum cleaner itself can be cleaned without dead spots, and household cleaning is also easier.

Word of mouth comments:

Looking at the vacuum cleaner industry, various generations of new products of the veteran brand Dyson in recent years have focused on the improvement of suction and endurance squeezing toothpaste. In the case of little breakthrough in its product strength, domestic brands are catching up and surpassing at a speed visible to the naked eye , The advantages in product experience and intelligent interaction are increasingly prominent.

It is not difficult to see from the actual product test that the Lake M12MAX is equipped with its own latest motor, which shows extremely strong product quality, especially the innovative function of “upright and stop”, which brings convenience and differentiation to users. Experience, put your hands up to make the home environment as new as ever. It can be said that Lake is committed to providing the best vacuum cleaner strength, and the performance of M12max has been revealed.