The fate of small screen mobile phone

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There is no doubt that Steve Jobs is a famous figure in the history of consumer electronics. His most famous work is the well-known iPhone series.

How successful is he? Even if Apple continues to lead Apple shopping mall, apple CEO Tim Cook will still be criticized from time to time, and he will not be able to make complaints about Jobs.

But even the greatest people make mistakes occasionally. Jobs has repeatedly mentioned that 3.5 inches is the golden size of the mobile phone screen, which is obviously not in line with the market rules. It’s not just “3.5 inches,” it’s almost gone even if it’s no more than 6 inches.

Although apple still insists on making small screen mobile phones, the iPhone 13 Mini is on the way, and the third generation of iPhone se is also rumored.

But if you want to be able to use a new 5.5-inch cell phone in the future, don’t expect anything. The life of small screen mobile phone has come to an end. The reasons are as follows.

Small screen mobile phone is a retro product which is behind the times

If you don’t understand the low sales of small screen mobile phones, think about other areas and you’ll suddenly see light.

For example, there are many classic car models in history, and many fans will say, “I will buy them if they are re engraved”, but how many people will buy them after they are re engraved?

Modern cars are completely superior to the so-called “classic cars” in terms of practicality. The retro products that lag behind the times can not get enough market share in the competition with modern products.