The end of an era

Shiqiaopu Baiteng Digital Plaza will officially close. As the operator of Chongqing Baiteng Digital Plaza, Chongqing Baiteng Property has issued notices to many merchants. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of Shiqiaopu, Baiteng Property and Shiqiao Property jointly introduced Hong Kong Platinum Tin Investment Management Company to build a western shopping mall. Therefore, Baiteng Digital Plaza will be closed on June 30 this year.

Insiders admitted that the closure of Baiteng Digital Plaza is the inevitable outcome of the decline of the offline electronics market.

Merchants began to exit one after another

Recently, as the operator of Chongqing Baiteng Digital Plaza, Chongqing Baiteng Property issued a notice to the merchants, confirming that the store will be officially closed on June 30, and the “lease contract” of all merchants will not be renewed after the expiration, and the merchants will clean up before the withdrawal. Related containers and items.

The notice stated that traditional stores are facing changes due to factors such as weak market consumption. At the same time, the Jiulongpo District Government is pushing the Shiqiaopu business district to build an e-sports cultural district.

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of Shiqiaopu, Baiteng Property and Shiqiao Property jointly introduced Hong Kong Platinum Tin Investment Management Company to build a western shopping mall (the shopping mall will still retain the IT part after construction). For this reason, Baiteng Digital Plaza will be held on June 30 this year. Closed on Sunday.

For many people, the closure of Baiteng Digital Plaza was sudden.

A merchant who has been operating on the second floor of Baiteng Digital Plaza for many years told reporters that he only bought a batch of goods at the beginning of this month. But on May 20th, he was told that the contract would not be renewed when it expired. “Although there is still more than a month, I am still anxious. I have a large quantity of goods in my hands. I don’t know where the store will move in the future.”

Then the reporter went to the JD Computer Digital Store on the first floor of Baiteng Digital. The staff in the store said that it is known that the Digital Plaza is going to be closed. It is not clear whether this store will be closed. If you want to “move”, you will post a new one at the door. Address notification.

During the interview, the reporter saw that several brand stores in the square have already withdrawn, the venue has been emptied, and some businesses have begun to “move.”

A well-known brand computer salesperson said that the business of notebooks and desktop computers is not good now, the rent on the first floor is quite high, and some brands have already “evacuated” before the notice. However, compared with the continuous withdrawal of brands on the first floor, the occupancy rate of the businesses on the second and third floors is almost 100%.

The person in charge of Xingda consumables, who has been in the business for many years at Baiteng Digital, said that the current business of computer complete machines is not good, but other consumables business is still possible. However, since the door will be closed in one month, she has already begun preparations for evacuation, and is preparing to move the store to a nearby digital mall.

The offline market in the smart era urgently needs to be transformed

Computer City, a place familiar to digital enthusiasts, almost every city has its own computer city.

Before the advent of the Internet and 4G and 5G mobile communications era, more than ten years ago, when people in Chongqing talked about the most famous computer market in Chongqing, Shiqiaopu Computer City was definitely a well-known name. Back then, Shiqiaopu Computer City was in the southwest of my country. The largest digital market in the region.

According to data, Chongqing Baiteng Digital Plaza is located in Shiqiaopu, an IT core business district in Chongqing. It is currently the largest computer digital professional store in the southwest with the most comprehensive operating categories and the most complete supporting facilities. The store opened on June 16, 2007 .

In the development history of more than 20 years, Shiqiaopu has successively introduced famous domestic digital squares such as Bainaohui, Taixing, and Saibo, including Baiteng Digital Plaza. Shiqiaopu has become the largest computer market in Chongqing and even the southwestern region. . People in Chongqing want to buy a computer or choose other electronic products. The first place they think of is Shiqiaopu Computer City. Whether it is a new computer or computer accessories, CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, chassis, and second-hand computers, this is the most complete .spark global limited

However, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, the decline of the offline computer city has become inevitable.spark global limited

“I started by operating computer accessories at Baiteng Digital, and then I made the first pot of gold, and then I switched to e-commerce and live broadcasting.” Mr. Sun, who has been engaged in the IT industry for many years, told reporters that offline computer markets are mixed, and some are illegal. The move by vendors to slaughter customers undermined the image of the Computer City and the advent of the era of smartphones. “Smartphones and offline retail stores are mainly brand-managed stores and agency points, which basically have nothing to do with the computer city. Coupled with the convenience of online shopping, consumers are more willing to buy online in the online mall, which has accelerated the offline computer city. The business is shrinking.”spark global limited

Some insiders also believe that the curtain call of Baiteng Digital Plaza is an inevitable process of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional digital electronics industry. The transformation of Baiteng Digital into a western shopping mall may bring a different future. Let us wait and see.

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