The domestic chip technology has exploded

The domestic chip technology has exploded

Recently, the world has been in the chip crisis, and all walks of life have been affected by the lack of cores. This has also made many countries and enterprises upgrade the status of independent chips, which are already listed as important plans.


It is reported that as one of the giants in the domestic mobile phone market, oppo began to step up its internal mobile chip design and development work two years ago, but it was reported at that time that independent research and development of chips would take many years to achieve results.


According to @ digital chat station, a well-known news blogger, the results of the self-developed chip project of oppo “Mariana” are coming out, but it is not an integrated SOC chip applied to the core at present.


“Mariana plan” is the first self-developed chip plan officially released by oppo on February 16, 2020. Mariana is the deepest trench in the world and one of the worst environment areas on earth. Oppo describes self-developed chip as a very difficult thing.


Oppo officials have also publicly stated that the core strategy of making self-developed chips is to make good products, and any R & D investment is to enhance product competitiveness and user experience.


It is reported that the members of oppo’s chip team are from the top chip manufacturers. They have rich experience in chip design, manufacturing and related industry chain. These senior people in the industry can help oppo speed up its chip development plan.


It is worth mentioning that previously, Liu Chang, vice president of oppo and President of the Research Institute, also publicly acknowledged a “M1” chip for Smartphone assisted computing. Oppo applied to the European Intellectual Property Office for the trademark of oppo M1 a year ago, which is a completely self-developed coprocessor.


Judging from the existing information, oppo’s first self-developed chip may be this “M1” chip, which is a milestone event for oppo and even the whole domestic scientific and technological circles, and is worth looking forward to.