The configuration is full, the experience is excellent, it is worthy of being the 4K intelligent projection XGIMI RS Pro 2!

Spark Global limited reports:

2021 has passed halfway, and the second half of the year will usher in the 99 big promotion and the double eleven big promotion one after another. How can we not take advantage of this wave of price cuts by e-commerce to squeeze the wool! What I want to recommend for everyone today is XGIMI RS Pro 2, a home smart projector with full configuration and excellent experience.

In recent years, XGIMI has been continuously optimizing the projector hardware and software at all levels, so that it can launch such a high-end telephoto projector with coexistence of appearance and strength in all aspects. Taken together, XGIMI RS Pro 2 has a very good performance in terms of picture quality, sound and sense of use. It can be seen that excellent hardware + software can indeed bring a significant improvement in the projector experience.

At present, the projectors on the market have a smarter category of smart projectors that are more suitable for families. Compared with traditional projectors, this type of projector is easier to use for home projector users.

Some people may worry that the image quality and brightness of this kind of projection will not be as good as the performance of the bulb machine. This has been completely solved now. XGIMI RS Pro 2 has a 4K resolution and a brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens. There is such a configuration. Even if the projected screen exceeds 120 inches, it can perform well enough. At the same time, XGIMI RS is also equipped with XGIMI X-VUE2.0 image quality engine, which makes the image quality adjustment more vivid and realistic. Equipped with MEMC motion compensation, large-screen movie viewing can be smoother, avoiding large-screen dragging. .

Few projector manufacturers pay attention to the sound quality of the mounted audio. XGIMI has cooperated with Harman Kardon many years ago. The product line is equipped with original Harman Kardon speakers, and Harman acoustics experts are invited to conduct sound quality tuning. . The XGIMI RS Pro 2 is equipped with a speaker that Harman Kardon has only recently applied for a patent. The opening and closing state of the mask has been specially tuned to present the best sound quality to the home theater.

How can smart projection be called smart? XGIMI RS thinks more about its intelligence ability. Relying on the XGIMI MAVII PRO machine vision system, XGIMI RS can realize the machine on the go, avoid obstacles on the wall, and align the corners of the screen. These complicated picture adjustments no longer need to be manually adjusted, which greatly reduces the use of people. Learning costs.

The projection industry blindly improves the brightness of the screen, XGIMI RS takes into account the real and more use scenes of people. In a dark environment, the projector can automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screen according to the brightness of the ambient light, and reduce the excessive brightness. Causes eye irritation.

In general, projectors are increasingly entering the lives of thousands of households and are a product that greatly enhances the happiness of life. XGIMI RS Pro 2 is the top configuration of XGIMI’s telephoto projection in all aspects, and its high-end sense and excellent performance are still very worthy of recognition.