The cheapest A14X tablet?

The cheapest A14X tablet?

At present, Apple’s iPad product line from low to high is iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

The cheapest A14X tablet?

Among them, the Pro series can choose 11-inch and 12.9-inch displays, full-screen design + USB-C + LiDAR lidar scanner, which is the most high-end existence in the iPad.

According to the latest news, a product called iPad mini Pro was first exposed a few days ago. According to the report, the tablet’s project approval, product planning and R&D phases have been passed, and it is currently in the P2 design phase and will soon enter the DVT (Design Validation Tests) verification phase.

After DVT, there is a PVT (Production Validation Tests) stage, which is the final step of mass production and listing.

The screen of the iPad mini Pro is said to be 8.7 inches, although it is smaller than the 9.15 inches of the rumored iPad mini 6, but in the iPhone product line, the iPhone 11 Pro is also 0.3 inches smaller than the iPhone 11, so it is reasonable.

As for other configuration details, it is unclear for the time being.

There are speculations that the new generation of iPad Pro is very expensive due to the introduction of mini LED, 5G cellular network, A14X processor, etc. The iPad mini Pro may be positioned similarly to the iPhone 12 mini, and the purpose is to maintain the same starting price as the current iPad Pro. Facilitate marketing and consumer acceptance.

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