The cause of contamination of TSMC’s production line: iPhone 13 series chip production will not be affected!

Spark Global Limited reports:

With Apple’s fall event just around the corner, the list of iPhone 13 Revelations continues to pile up, and none more so than apple’s new A15 chip. The chip is definitely a performance enhancement over the iPhone 12’s A14 chip. Recently, there were reports of suspected pollution at the Nanke 18A factory, which produced the chip, sparking heated discussion inside and outside the industry.

According to related media reports, the Nanke 18A factory, which manufactures Apple’s A15 chip, is suspected of being contaminated. This has made many users concerned about Apple’s event concerned that the event will affect the PRODUCTION of A15 chips, which will affect the shipment of iPhone 13 series products, and may delay Apple’s fall event. However, due to the growing public opinion on the Internet, TSMC responded to this matter soon after. TSMC said the incident was true, but the impact was small, mainly due to gas pollution, the oxygen was mixed with argon (Ar2), an inert gas, and argon is not involved in chemical reactions, so the production of A15 chips was not affected, the plant only need to clean the storage tank.

Indeed, as one of the internal parts of the cell phone is the most important, chip is belong to high precision components, it also decided to manufacture in a pure environment, even a little bit a little dust, impurities will have a big impact on the chip production, even make the chip waste directly, bring big loss makers. However, through the official response, gave most netizens a dose of peace of mind medicine.

In addition, according to the latest news from foreign media, the iPhone 13 related model and price. The iPhone 13 Mini starts at $700, the iPhone 13 starts at $800, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at $1,050 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,150. The new A15 chip, in particular, will add a lot of color to the iPhone 13, which is really worth looking forward to. If you are interested in the iPhone 13 series, you can keep an eye on the following Revelations.