the American granted the patent to Toto

the American granted the patent to Toto

Later, the American granted the patent to Toto, a Japanese toilet giant. Japan is also a country that attaches importance to toilet culture, and is extremely disgusted with pollution. Therefore, this kind of intelligent toilet cover which can thoroughly clean the filth after going to the toilet is widely welcomed in Japan, and has also achieved the status of Japanese manufacturers in the intelligent toilet lid industry.


Today, the popularity rate of smart toilet covers in Japan is more than 80%. Toilets in hotels, hotels and even public toilets may be equipped with smart toilet covers. Its popularity rate in Europe and the United States is also 35%, but in China, the popularity rate is less than 1%.


According to the report on market competition pattern and future development trend of China’s toilet industry from 2020 to 2026 released by smart research consulting, smart toilet lid is very popular with the improvement of living standards. In 2014, the total sales value of China’s smart toilet lid was 193.5 million US dollars, which increased to 1067.90 million US dollars in 2019. It is estimated that the total sales value of China’s smart toilet covers will increase to 1896.8 million US dollars in 2023. Therefore, the development prospect of smart toilet lid in China is immeasurable. It is expected that with the change of domestic consumers’ living standards, the market penetration rate will gradually increase.


Thermal storage and instant heating


After years of development, great changes have taken place in technology, function and quality of intelligent toilet cover. Earlier, the core function of smart toilet lid is warm water cleaning function, and the products are mostly heat storage intelligent toilet cover with small water tank. The heat storage type is to heat the water in the water tank to a certain temperature before it can be used. Moreover, the water used in the water tank is limited, and most of them have only one or two bottles of 400ml mineral water.


After heating the water in the water tank, the heat storage toilet cover will stop heating. At this time, the water temperature will slowly drop. When the temperature drops to a relatively low level, the heat storage toilet cover will continue to be heated, and it will take a certain time to reheat it. As a result, many people often feel that the temperature of the water coming out of the nozzle is suddenly cold and hot, and the experience is not good. In addition, each time the water out of the water tank, time is easy to produce scale, breeding bacteria.


After the technical innovation and iteration, the instant hot intelligent toilet cover has gradually become the mainstream of the intelligent toilet cover market with the advantages of instant opening and healthy washing. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, some smart toilet covers are also equipped with drying, deodorization, automatic heating of toilet ring, etc. In addition, the energy consumption is far lower than that of the heat storage toilet cover.


Shop tips


Therefore, in order to help you avoid pitfalls when purchasing, we suggest that you should consider the following aspects when selecting smart toilet lid.


1. Choose instant heating without water tank. It will not be heated repeatedly, and it can be used as soon as it is opened, so it can save more electricity. You don’t have to worry about bacteria in the water tank.


2. Select external filter. After a long time, it can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced to ensure the filtering effect and make it more comfortable to use.


3. Choose movable stainless steel nozzle. Compared with plastic nozzle, stainless steel nozzle is not easy to breed bacteria, and will not oxidize and turn yellow. The nozzle can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people’s positions.


4. Choose the one with antibacterial seat ring. Effective contact with the buttocks can be avoided