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Ruiyuan launches AT8915S highly integrated wireless charging

Although more than half a month has passed since wwdc21 conference, half a month may have passed its own heat for a mobile phone.

But for apple, a company with its own traffic even though there is no new product launch, even if it is in the blank period of new products, its every move still attracts the attention of all its friends.

No way, because it is apple, we naturally have higher expectations for it, not only in the advanced product design concept on the hardware level, but also in the product ecology that apple is proud of.

Apple’s products are the benchmark of the industry; For competitors and even guohei, Apple has long been the main comparison object of their own products.

In the case of being “hanged” by the flagship of friend company, apple is still not in a hurry to improve itself according to its own rhythm, so IOS 15 is coming, and does it meet the expectation of Apple power?

Through the experience evaluation of some key updates of IOS 15 in this issue, some real use feelings of Xiaobian may be able to answer some of your questions.

Note: This version is IOS 15 developer’s version. Some experiences may be different from the official version. Please refer to it as appropriate

Multi platform FaceTime: breaking the dimensional wall between IOS and Android

At this year’s WWDC conference, Xiaobian found that whether Apple is introducing IOS, iPad OS or Mac OS, they are emphasizing a keyword “sharing”.

Yes, if you pay attention to the system level update of apple this time, you will find that Apple emphasizes more people to people interaction updates, and FaceTime is one of them.

I know that although there are few or no users using FaceTime in China. However, there are still many things to learn and use for reference in this FaceTime update.

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