Survey on the supply of all iPhone 12 series: Mini spot foot Pro/Max still needs to wait

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For friends who use Apple’s official renewal or official interest-free installment, the iPhone 12 on Apple’s official website is still the preferred choice. According to the latest iPhone 12 supply survey on Apple’s official website, the supply situation of the iPhone 12 series has greatly improved.


iPhone12 latest availability status

To put it simply, the iPhone 12 Pro/Max is currently in short supply (3-5 weeks delivery), the iPhone 12 is the second (only 1 working day), and the iPhone 12 mini has the most abundant supply (in stock).

Obviously, the iPhone 12 mini, which netizens were very optimistic about, is indeed the least popular model. It is reported that Pinduoduo has also carried out a wave of promotional activities for the iPhone 12 mini before. Netizens who want to buy can pay attention.