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Not long ago, Nokia mobile officially released a new generation of 4G mobile phone – Nokia C20 plus, which costs 799 yuan and runs Android 11 lightweight system.

This afternoon, NOKIA mobile phone announced that it will release a new Alipay support system tomorrow.

From the poster of NOKIA mobile phone official, the new machine will support Alipay. At the same time, according to the outline of the new machine, the machine will be equipped with solid keyboard, which looks similar to NOKIA’s classic straight plate.

It is worth noting that from the support of “Alipay” and “physical keyboard” two points of view, the aircraft will not be unexpected, it will be a functional machine.

At present, the detailed parameters of the machine are not known. Interested users can pay attention to the official news of Nokia tomorrow.

It is understood that since HMD took over Nokia’s mobile phone business from Microsoft, it has launched a number of copies of Nokia’s classic models, including 6300 and 8000 models.

In April this year, Nokia mobile officially announced that from now on, Nokia smart phones will adopt a new naming method, in the form of two digits in alphabet, to more clearly convey the product positioning and meaning.

In the future, Nokia will have three smart phone series: X, G and C.

It is reported that Nokia X series has the latest technology and excellent experience. It will be equipped with the latest Qualcomm processor, Zeiss optical imaging, rugged design and more cutting-edge technology.

The G series is known as “popularization of high-end technology”, with balanced configuration, long life, large battery and high pixel image.

Finally, the C series is officially defined as a “simple and easy-to-use entry-level machine”, which is comparable to the price of classic mobile phones. The pure Android system will bring consumers a convenient and easy-to-use experience.

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