Superior sound quality, elvis Mate3 speaker review

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Retro trends have always been synonymous with Elvis Presley sound, think back. Elvis’s products are still very small radios, but this time, they want to make a more professional portable Bluetooth speakers, Elvis Mate3 and Mate4, is their answer, how do they perform? Let’s take a look.

Judging from the appearance, the overall style is very “Elvis”, it looks quite retro. Use the silica gel material of luxury level to pledge, parcel of most position of acoustics, no matter be feeling, still look it is simple sense dyein ‘. Still can have certain prevent fall effect, go out to get dirty very good also clean up, make whole acoustics more durable.

The loudspeaker position of two sides used the metal loudspeaker net cover that changes art to reflect the retro style of whole acoustics, front bottom has the LOGO of an Elvis king, the handle of the upper part of fuselage uses leather material, reflect this is a high-end acoustics everywhere.

Control panel with four of the knob on the stereo, adopts digital potentiometer switch, when the rotation in the paragraph can obviously feel very strong feeling, dadada sounds very comfortable, and as every time use the switch is more interesting, and used the very traditional dial the code switch, open after there will be “drops drop” the sound, feeling full.

Such advanced appearance, only need to choose the right color, you can easily blend into the home, become a home art ornaments.

Elvis Mate3 had two advanced and beautiful color schemes of “rhythmic white” and “dynamic black” in its first release. We received the “dynamic black” color scheme this time, which is relatively more composed, while “rhythmic white” feels more advanced.

As a sound system, then it should have better sound quality. The Elvis Mate 3 features a 4-channel intelligent DSP digital power amplifier with 10W x 2+ 15W =35W(MAX) speakers, a 3-inch woofer plus a 3-inch woofer and two mid-tweeters in a 180-degree layout. Brings a full range of sound field experience.

Elvis also designed an elaborate internal passive bass resonance system to make the sound field larger, proving that even a small size can produce a huge amount of energy and a more shocking effect.

After the connection, listen to the music, and feel that the Elvis Mate3 has a clear layer of high and low, without getting mixed together. The bass is relatively heavy, relatively thick, and the treble is quite good, three frequency is more balanced, the sound field is very big, as a bluetooth sound that does not connect, the performance is quite outstanding.

At the time of use can also through the knob on the panel to adjust sound effects, they want two knob control bass and treble tone, can according to the different scenarios, different songs, do you like to adjust, playability, and of course the official advice knob to keep the location of the sound quality is the best in the middle, it will be different opinions.

The Elvis Mate3 supports the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol for longer and more stable connections. You can see several different connections on the first knob, including “low latency mode”, “Bluetooth TWS mode”, “Bluetooth Mode” and “AUX mode”.

If you just listen to music on a daily basis, open the “Bluetooth mode” and you can directly connect to it. If you want to watch videos and play games, it is recommended to open the “low latency mode” to use it, so that the delay is lower and the experience is smoother. The “TWS mode” is for those with “deep pockets”.

“If you happen to have deep pockets, then you can buy a pair to make up a stereo.”

In this mode, two Elvis Mate 3 speakers can be paired together to create a stunning stereo sound, which is also a “one ear” sound quality improvement, and a more immersive movie watching experience.

“AUX mode” is provided to the user need use wired connection, at the sound of the back can see a AUX interface, as long as the insert audio line, can enjoy the music of high quality zero delay experience, can cooperate with guitar effect instrument, karaoke effects, record amplifier, or connect the guitar, keyboard, microphone and vinyl player use of equipment, There are so many ways to play and the sound quality is amazing.

You think it’s just a Bluetooth speaker? No, it’s also a smart stereo. Elvis Mate3 also has Tencent Cloud Micro AI assistant built in. By pressing the second volume knob for three seconds, you can wake up the intelligent voice assistant, control songs by voice, ask about the weather, and even chat with the voice assistant to relieve boredom.

The net weight of Elvis Mate3 is only 1.6kg, mainly to make it more convenient to carry when going out. Sound built-in 3100 mAh battery, which can bring 20 hours of ultra long endurance, and the built-in or high voltage power battery, so that the sound can not be plugged in the case of volume and sound quality more stable output.

I can actually listen for an hour a day without needing to recharge for a long time. For me, “battery anxiety” doesn’t exist. What’s more, the Elvis Mate3 supports fast charging. It only needs 20 minutes to charge, and you can get 5 hours of battery life. You don’t have to fear that the stereo will run out of power when you are out and about, so you can listen to it as long as you want.

Since should often take go out, hard to avoid can encounter a few unexpected situations, ordinary stereo encounters water the likelihood is damaged directly cannot use, and elvis King Mate3 supports IPX4 level directly waterproof, no matter be go out picnic camping, still be in kitchen bathroom, no longer be afraid of break stereo carelessly, let music anytime and anywhere can accompany you.

Elvis had always made radios, but it’s a shame that this Elvis Mate3 speaker took the radio out of it. But this time, Elvis Presley has an App called OhPlay, which offers a wide selection of radio programs with audio, so you can choose what you want to listen to and you don’t have to spend time listening to radio commercials.

There are audio radio programs and a selection of music radio programs in the App. If you are still struggling to know what songs to listen to, you can choose the type of songs you want to listen to in the App and let it play randomly. The program quality in the App is also quite high. When you are bored at home, you can also let the audio station accompany you.

In general, I was attracted by the appearance level of Elvis Mate3 from the first sight of it. It has high appearance level + strong texture and very retro overall upgrade. I believe it will win the heart of many users. And act as a Bluetooth sound, its sound quality is outstanding, endurance is quite give force, still have certain waterproof performance, let me go where to hear which, see again the price of 1000 yuan head, very sweet really.