Summary before press conference

Summary before press conference

The 1 + 9 series is equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 888 mobile platform and 5nm technology, which is the most powerful top processor at present. The whole series is equipped with a new generation of lpddr5 memory as standard, and the whole series is equipped with high-specification UFS 3.1 flash memory (both enhanced versions). Yijia also optimizes the internal structure and adopts a new heat dissipation design. After testing, the heavy game can obviously feel the fuselage more “calm”, the game frame rate is more stable. In addition, the one plus nine series also supports dual stereo speakers.

Summary before press conference

One plus official said that the nine / Pro Series screen of one plus has refreshed 13 display records, passed displaymate a + certification, supported true · 10bit, 2K + 120Hz, 8192 level brightness adjustment, automatic color temperature sensing, and was the first batch of ltpo flexible screens.



One plus mobile phone official confirmed that one plus 9 Pro is equipped with the next generation of screen material ltpo, which is the first screen to support adaptive refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz, greatly reducing the power consumption of high frame screen display, making it no longer difficult to choose between high brush and power consumption, saving up to 50%. In addition, support game overclocking response, synchronous frequency increased 3 times – 6 times, shooting faster, aiming more stable.


According to previous information, one plus nine hundred million yuan will be used to build the main camera imx789, which is the first batch in the world to support 4K 120 frame video shooting and capture up to 68.7 billion colors in 12bit raw format.


It home has learned that Yijia will launch the “Hasu professional mode” for professional users. In addition to flexibly adjusting shutter speed, sensitivity, white balance and other parameters, Yijia can also focus quickly and accurately through the “peak focusing function”.


Recently, Liu zuohu, CEO of one plus technology and founder of one plus mobile phone, announced through social media that one plus 9 series models will enjoy two years of official warranty service.


The first plus 9 series will be equipped with coloros 11, and the hydrogen OS of previous models will continue to be maintained and updated. Small print on the poster: this coloros 11 system is now available only for oneplus 9 series.

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