Strengthen Xiaomi’s efforts to award employees

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The so-called new decade entrepreneur plan is a plan for Xiaomi to select a group of core technology experts and young management cadres, and give rewards to similar early entrepreneurs, so as to encourage employees to start Xiaomi’s new decade journey with entrepreneurial mentality and investment. The selection conditions of this plan are: first of all, we should identify with Xiaomi’s mission, vision and values, have ability and potential, and have outstanding achievements in core positions. In terms of selection method, the plan is based on performance evaluation, and the stock maturity period will be as long as 10 years, which effectively realizes the high binding of personal income and company performance.

This is Xiaomi’s second stock incentive plan since July. On July 2, Lei Jun announced on Weibo that Xiaomi awarded about 70 million shares to 3904 employees, rewarding outstanding young engineers, outstanding fresh students and outstanding employees in core positions of the team, as well as winners of annual technology awards.

Don’t forget, Lei Jun is also the chairman of Jinshan software company. On July 5, Lei Jun announced on his micro blog that he had prepared “special souvenirs” for all the regular employees of Jinshan Group, giving each Jinshan classmate 600 shares of Jinshan group stock, totaling about 4.8 million shares.