Still speaking for Lisa

21 days long standby

At 3 a.m. on July 8, the official micro blog of vivo suddenly announced the new machine vivo S10 series, announcing that it would hold a press conference on July 15 to bring vivo S10 series with the slogan “Hello, natural beauty”. At the same time, vivo officially announced the spokesperson of the new aircraft, Lisa. I remember that she was also the spokesperson of the S9 series last time.

Official announcement of vivo S10 series

From the poster, the machine will at least provide a gradient color, the main or thin flagship. It is worth noting that the S10 series camera module does not use the previously widely acclaimed vivo cloud level lens module design, but founder’s matrix lens module.

By the way, video. Combined with the previously exposed offline preheating posters, S10 series is positioned as a lightweight self portrait flagship. It is said that the front lens still continues the 44 megapixel double shot, and the rear lens is an L-shaped three shot, including the 100 megapixel main shot. The 100 megapixel logo can also be seen from the official poster, which is also one of the biggest highlights on the fuselage. Overall, the S10 series is more like an enhanced version of the S9 series.

In other aspects, S10 series also adopts the combination of Lianfa Tianji 1100 chip and ufs3.1 storage, with 4GB storage expansion, and has passed the certification of China Tel laboratory; The charging power is increased from 33W to 44w (compared with S9 series).

In March this year, vivo launched the vivo S9 series, which also uses Tianji 1100 chip, with a price of 2399 yuan. We expect the S10 series price to be slightly higher than that.

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