Steam Game Festival officially opens

Steam Game Festival officially opens

For the majority of gamers, the Spring Festival holiday can not only gather with their families and share family happiness, but also participate in various Spring Festival special sales activities launched by major game manufacturers.

Before the arrival of the Steam Spring Festival sale this year, the Steam Game Festival has already started.

The latest Steam Game Festival officially started at 2 am today.

Steam Game Festival officially opens

This event includes up to 510 game trials and various pre-orders. Currently, many demos have been opened.

Netizens said that this wave is directly “Hi +510”.

It is reported that the new games in this Steam Game Festival cover 11 categories including action, adventure, strategy, simulation, role-playing, horror, puzzle solving, platform games, sports and racing, visual novels, and VR games.

Including the famous adventure and horror game sequel “Little Nightmare 2” to be released on February 11.

It is worth mentioning that there are more than 20 VR games for players to try for free this year, including the one-on-one puzzle game “Battle Blocks” inspired by Tetris and the single-player adventure “Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia” , Netizens who like VR can go to the Game Festival to learn more.

As always, during the Steam Game Festival, players can not only experience many demo games, but also chat with developers, watch live broadcasts, and learn about upcoming games on Steam.

Of course, for game developers, the Steam Game Festival is a great opportunity to get early feedback from players and build an audience for future releases of games on Steam.

It is understood that the first Steam Game Festival was held in December 2019. The last one was in October last year. At present, Steam has officially announced that the next Steam Game Festival will start in June 2021.