Square matrix three shot first snapdragon 888

Square matrix three shot first snapdragon 888

At the annual snapdragon technology summit, Qualcomm officially released a new generation of mobile flagship platform, named snapdragon 888.


Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, confirmed that Xiaomi 11 launched the flagship processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 888.


Today, the cover of Xiaomi 11 was exposed on twitter.


As shown in the figure, the case shows that the camera is a square matrix camera with three cameras and a dual color temperature flash.


Previously, the informant @ bengeskin drew a rendering of Xiaomi 11 according to the information. At present, the authenticity of the rendering remains to be confirmed.

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It is worth noting that the webmaster @ digital chat station has disclosed that Xiaomi 11’s first-line snapdragon 888 has a monopoly period, and the non starter model is in January.


Therefore, it is speculated that the Xiaomi 11 press conference may be held this month and will be on sale at the end of January or December. It should be the first snapdragon 888 model that can be bought.


According to Lei Jun, snapdragon 888 is the most powerful mobile platform of Qualcomm to date. In addition to industry-leading 5g connectivity, it also brings breakthroughs and innovations in AI, games and cameras. I’m glad that our new flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 11, will be one of the first to carry the snapdragon 888.