Split up with huawei! The honor of honor: restore cooperation with Google!

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

After huawei has been curbed, not only on a chip supply is not obtained, also will not be able to carry on software Google apps, resulting in huawei mobile phone sales in overseas markets appear sharply decline, and huawei also can launch its own ecological HMS huawei application service, build up its own ecosystem. However, today we learned that the company officially broke away from the glory of Huawei, and officially announced the resumption of cooperation with Google.

Honor Overseas social platform officially announced that it has resumed its partnership with Google, and the Honor 50 series will be powered by Google services, also known as GMS. Huawei is still unable to use Google services and has replaced GMS with HMS.

According to zhao’s previous interviews, Honor’s overseas market share had fallen to almost zero, but it is now operating in more than 50 countries, and more products will be launched in the future, as well as phones and tablets that will support Google’s GMS service. Obviously, from the glory of this statement can be seen glory, the next will be a large area of the resumption of cooperation with Google, and Google apps.

Be worth what carry is, according to data released by huawei in September this year, the huawei HMS now has reached 730 million users, is not only their mobile phone, tablet, huawei aboard the HMS such as computer, and there are a lot of third party mobile phone brand, is also carrying the HMS, for example, when you use the huawei hardware devices such as watches, If you want to obtain the corresponding data through APP, you need to download HMS first to use it, which will also increase the number of HMS APP downloads.

Work with Google’s back from his glory now officially announced, glory be parted ways with huawei thoroughly, after all the glory from the interests of words, want to overseas mobile phone market must carry the GMS service, Google will be able to have a better experience, huawei HMS is the application of ecological quantity with Google’s really hard to match each other, It is also difficult to find a way to use some apps in overseas markets.

Because huawei is limited by the chip, the current sales in the domestic market has been substantial declines, but the glory in the rebound, and recover a lot is originally belongs to the mobile phone market share of huawei, glory phones have even duly authorized stores open in huawei’s part to sell, at present glory with huawei part after is still the same stores. Obviously, glory’s success in the domestic market cannot be said to have nothing to do with Huawei.

Now glory after independence, choice and Google restore cooperation, to carry the GMS application service, is obviously want to be able to increase their market share overseas, after all, today’s glory although the rebound in the domestic market, but in the overseas market share is close to zero, see the millet OPPO and vivo in the overseas market, Honor is also reluctant. In order to become one of the top five smartphone brands in the world, honor must be able to gain share in the overseas market. Now, however, the company is not using Huawei’s HMS, but Google’s GMS.

In terms of chips, Honor currently uses Qualcomm snapdragon chips and Google apps for software. This reminds me of the saying that there are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests, even glory, can not escape such a law.