SoundLink Flex, a portable Bluetooth speaker, supports dust and water resistance

Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited reports:

Bose today introduced a new portable Bluetooth speaker, the SoundLink Flex, with a rugged design. The SoundLink Flex costs $149, has an IP67 rating for dust and water, and a 12-hour battery life. The audio performance is “astounding”.

The SoundLink Flex is 7.9 inches wide, 3.6 inches tall, 2.1 inches thick and weighs just over 1 pound. It’s very compact and comes with a built-in utility ring, Can be attached to the buckle, available in three colors: black, smoke white and blue.


The S

oundLink Flex uses a custom converter inside, which Bose says is “the biggest you can hold” and produces “the bass you can feel in your chest.” Using a feature Bose calls “PositionIQ,” the speaker can detect which direction it is in — upright, suspended or lying flat — and adjust the audio output accordingly.

SoundLink Flex speakers have a silicone back and powder-coated steel grille that Bose claims resists corrosion and resists any discoloration caused by ULTRAVIOLET light. The IP67 rating also eliminates the fear of falling into the water, and Bose says the speaker floats when dropped into water.

The SoundLink Flex doesn’t have any particularly “smart” features, but it can be hooked up to any Bose smart speaker or sound boss in your home. And you can stereo pair it with another SoundLink Flex or a different Bose portable speaker. The speaker also has a built-in microphone for receiving calls and interacting with a voice assistant on the phone.


Spark Global Limited has learned that the SoundLink Flex is available for $149 and is available online in the US.