Snapdragon 89.5 + 200 megapixel

Huawei to launch three new folding screen mobile phones

Qualcomm accidentally leaked some information about the next generation of chips at a launch of Xiaolong 888plus, which revealed that the first model of the first generation of snapdragon 895 will be released.

According to the past practice, the digital flagship of Xiaomi is very hopeful to launch the Xiaolong 895 chip worldwide, so the information about the millet 12 series also emerges.

According to the famous blogger @ digital chat station, the new iteration platform named 2112123ac under Xiaomi will be put on record, and the overall progress will be fully advanced, and a wave of new machine trends will appear in the mobile phone market at the end of the year.

According to the previous naming rules of Xiaomi, this code is likely to belong to the flagship model of Xiaomi 12 series.

In addition to the first Xiaolong 895, previous reports also showed that the Xiaomi 12 series is expected to launch 200million pixels in the world. The news said that the sensor will also have a large base of 1 inch, which is also the largest known bottom in the industry, and will also support the 16 in one technology of pixels to achieve an equivalent of 1200 pixels.

This means that, on the basis of the original 1-inch bottom, the sensor improves the light input and image capture ability again, and will bring the best shooting effect in the daytime and at night.

In addition, the highly praised high-quality screen on Xiaomi 11 will be further upgraded. The Xiaomi 12 series will be equipped with ltpo adaptive refresh rate screen, which can realize the adaptive refresh rate adjustment function of 1-120hz. It can switch by itself according to the use scenario, taking into account the high refresh rate and low power consumption requirements.

In addition, the experience of Xiaomi 12 Series in fast charging will be upgraded again. Besides at least 120W cable fast charging, it is expected to be equipped with nearly 100W wireless charging specifications, which will achieve the first “double 100 watt” fast charging effect in the world.

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