Smart screen K songSmart screen K song

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We tried the “Let’s Speed ​​Together” game. After opening the “Let’s Speed ​​Together” game on the smart screen, connect the smart screen with the mobile phone’s smart screen APP, and turn on the “Mirroring Control Screen” function to synchronize with the screen. The gyroscope sensor on the mobile phone controls the left and right direction of the car, watching the big screen and playing games. The overall operation is quite smooth, but for novices, you need to get used to it.

Smart screen K songSmart screen K song
Huawei Smart Screen S series cooperated with National K Song to develop new smart screen K song functions. The functions are also rich. It feels even more complete than KTV. After the completion, it also supports mobile phone sharing, and can exchange K song records with the mobile phone. information.

Among the new features this time, I think the most practical is remote housekeeping. When the phone is off or on, the phone can remotely call the smart screen’s camera function to view the situation at home, which is very convenient. spark global limited

Remote housekeepingRemote housekeeping
For some users who have children or the elderly at home, this function is very practical. Compared with some security cameras on the market, AI has a wider vision, a wider shooting range, and more convenient operation.

Yu Chengdong said that TV will be the hub of the family’s future entertainment. Then the control of the TV in the IoT will be a core function of the TV in the next ten years or more. In addition to smart interaction, Huawei smart screens have always had forward-looking innovation capabilities in audio-visual entertainment and ioT control.

After several generations of product evolution, Huawei HiLink home control has reached a relatively mature stage, in addition to daily voice control of smart devices at home. For example, the HiLink camera can recognize the crying sound of a baby to alert the owner. Smart door lock, open the door to start the home mode, and the smart screen opens.

Summary: TV that has been learning

At the beginning of the evaluation, I was still skeptical about this “decade-old TV”. After the experience, I found that some of the concepts of Huawei’s smart screen S series are indeed in line with the general trend of TV development in the future.

Huawei Smart Screen S SeriesHuawei Smart Screen S Series

Huawei shouted the slogan “Ten years not out of date. The confidence is the HOTA upgrade plan from Hongmeng Systems. The outdated Huawei smart screen is the best smart home appliance solution based on the needs of consumers. Huawei smart screen is the first time. Let home appliance innovation not take product iteration as a necessary part of function upgrade, but keep the experience constantly new through inner loop upgrade, which means that this is a TV that has been learning and improving.

Going back to the product itself, compared to the X and V series, the S series is more affordable, and the main functions are not missing, especially in terms of smart interaction. Each function is very interesting and very practical.

If you don’t have too much pursuit of picture quality and sound quality, and are very interested in the smart functions of the TV, then the S series is a very good choice.