Steam Beta update: Fully support DualSense controller for PS5

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Earlier, Steam announced that in the new Beta version of the client, it will add controller support for Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X. Today, the Steam Beta version is updated, adding full support for the DualSense controller of PS5.

IT Home learned that Steam added preliminary support for PS5 DualSense controllers earlier, but advanced features such as tactile feedback, trackpad, and gyroscope are temporarily not supported. After today’s Beta update, advanced features such as LED, touchpad, gyroscope and vibrating tactile feedback will also be supported.


It is reported that the new PS5 handle will be equipped with a linear motor to bring players more delicate vibration feedback, and also use a new USB Type-C charging interface. The DualSense handle has a built-in microphone and supports noise reduction. Players can use the handle to complete the voice chat function in multiplayer games.