Shouldn’t Intel carry the blame?

Shouldn't Intel carry the blame?

After abandoning Intel and embracing Qualcomm again, Apple’s “signal” problem has not been completely improved. From the beginning of Apple products, the signal problem has always been the biggest “heart disease” of Apple mobile phones, which also makes Intel unfortunate.



At first, the full range of Apple’s iPhones used high pass baseband. Since 2016, Apple has gradually got rid of the single supplier of Qualcomm, and some mobile phone models have adopted Intel baseband. In 2018, Apple’s iPhone XS series all adopt Intel baseband.


In fact, since apple just adopted Intel baseband in 2016, foreign media have compared the performance difference between Intel baseband and and high pass baseband for the same model. According to cellular insights data, in each independent test, the iPhone 7 plus with high-pass baseband outperforms the iPhone 7 plus with Intel baseband. The performance gap between them is obvious, at least 30% and up to 75%.


These tests include 4G reception capacity, upload, download, network throughput under the same signal strength, etc. In other words, once the user encounters a strong signal environment, but the mobile phone signal is poor, it may be caused by the poor performance of the baseband chip.


Since then, apple mobile phone signal is not good and Intel baseband performance has a strong correlation. In 2019, apple and Qualcomm settle the lawsuit, which paves the way for the return of the 5g era to the base band camp of Qualcomm. In 2020, high pass baseband will be used again in the entire iPhone 12 family.


Just when everyone thought that the signal problem would no longer be a constraint on Apple’s products, Apple’s mobile phone was on the hot search again because of the signal problem. At this time, the signal problem has nothing to do with Intel.

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Of course, this is not the first time Apple has fallen into the “signal gate”. The poor signal of the mobile phone is more likely related to the antenna design of the mobile phone.


In June 2010, when the iPhone 4 went on sale around the world, apple called the thinnest smartphone of all time, but a series of strange things happened. Users quickly find that when they hold the phone in their hands, the phone network signal disappears, and sometimes the call is completely interrupted.


Apple was aware of the problem, but did not anticipate the severity of the problem.


An apple spokesman said, “holding any phone will cause antenna performance degradation, which is a fact of every wireless phone.” Even Apple CEO Steve Jobs downplayed the antenna incident. “All mobile phones have sensitive areas. Please pay attention to the way you hold your phone.”

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