Say goodbye to bangs! New Apple patent could eliminate iPhone bangs

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

According to iPhonehacks, Apple introduced the fringe screen design on the iPhone X, and soon other smartphone makers followed suit. However, a newly granted patent takes it to the next level by eliminating the gap entirely and expanding the display.

The patent describes how the display screen in the future iPhone could expand when the front-facing camera and Face ID are not used. Titled “Electronic Devices with Tunable Display Windows,” it was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office /USPTO.

An electronic device may have a display with an array of pixels for displaying an image. The display can have window areas. During operation, components such as optical components can be operated through the window area. The window area may overlap with the movable portion of the display. The window area can be operated in the open and closed states. In the off state, the movable part of the display overlaps the window area and the pixels in the movable display area emit light through the window area. In the open state, the movable part of the display moves away from the window area so that light used for optical components can pass through the window area. The optical component may be a camera or other component that receives light through the window area, or it may be an optical component that emits light through the window area.

Apple calls this a “window area” where the selfie camera, depth sensor and other optical Settings can work. When not in use, the display will move backward and hide the sensor. Two mechanisms help to move the display. The first individual display component that can use a flexible display or move around a hinge. When opening the window area, the flip cover will bend away from the display.

Another design uses flexible displays that move with the help of adjustable actuators. In this case, the entire display will be pushed down to make way for the window area. According to the patent, the window area may have a coating that allows more light to be reflected onto the optical element. Apple can also use a periscope unit to hide optical components when not in use. Eliminate iPhone bangs