Savior E-sports mobile 2

Savior E-sports mobile 2

With the wave of new mobile phones after the year, many brands of flagship mobile phones have appeared. At present, several companies specializing in game experience have launched their flagship new products. In recent years, there are many hot rescuers on the Internet, and new mobile phones have been officially announced. On March 24, @ savior E-sports mobile phone officially issued a document saying that savior E-sports mobile phone 2 Pro will appear at the new product launch on April 8.

Savior E-sports mobile 2


Warm up poster of savior E-sports mobile 2 Pro press conference


According to the official announcement of @ savior E-sports mobile phone, the warm-up poster is marked with “double fan storm, eight fingers super God” and other slogans. It is not difficult to see from the above that this new mobile phone should be equipped with two physical fans for cooling, with strong heat dissipation ability. In addition, there will be new changes in the touch screen of this mobile phone, which will bring you a more pleasant experience.


In other aspects, according to the official warm-up information, Savior E-sports mobile phone 2 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 888 mobile platform. Chen Jin said that this new machine will bring the most thorough snapdragon 888 solution. According to him, Savior E-sports mobile phone 2 Pro will bring the ultimate stack of materials at any cost, as well as the design that is not easily compromised by industry conventions, so as to realize the ultimate pursuit of the game experience.

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