Samsung’s official thumb up HONOR

Samsung's official thumb up HONOR

Samsung's official thumb up HONOR
Glories will be holding its seventh birthday party, which may bring us some news about the new products. For the majority of Internet users, new glory is a brand new enterprise, the future of the product using the chip has been a mystery, some people guess mediatek, but also some people guess may be Qualcomm. But a mysterious recent move by Samsung may reveal a key message.

Samsung Exynos 1080

On November 30, HONOR announced, “Small goals for 2020, how many have you accomplished?” Many netizens participated in the voting. Recently, some netizens found that Samsung Exynos official weibo on December 3 actually released this tweet by thumb up with HONOR, which is quite interesting. In the past few years, there has been little interaction between honor and Samsung’s official voice channel, but this year honor has restarted, with Samsung’s thumb up microblog, suggesting that some kind of collaboration is in the offing.

Samsung Exynos

Further analysis shows that the chip is an indispensable product in the planning of new products, and there are not many alternatives in the market at present. On November 12, Samsung’s Exynos held its first launch event for the Chinese market and released its flagship Exynos 1080 mobile processing chip. The chip integrates the fifth generation mobile communications technology (5G) module and is Samsung’s first processor based on the 5nm EUV FinFET process. Perhaps with Glory Future’s flagship product, we also have a chance to see the Samsung Exynos 1080.