Samsung Z fold3 / Flip 3 folding machine

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According to gsmarena, the pricing of Samsung’s Galaxy Z-fold 3 and flip 3 models, which will meet you soon, has been exposed in South Korea. The price of the galaxy Z-fold 3 ranges from 1900000 to 1999000 won, that is, 10776 yuan to 11338 yuan, which is not different from that of the previous generation. Z flip 3 sells for 1200000-1280000 won, that is 6860-7260 yuan.

As a reference, Samsung Galaxy Z fold2 launched in South Korea last year at 2398000 won (about 13601 yuan), while Z flip started at 1650000 won (about 9358 yuan).

In addition, the disclosure also pointed out that Samsung will actively promote customers to upgrade to new foldable devices through trade in.