Samsung W21 5G New Year Limited Gift Pack Edition

Samsung W21 5G New Year Limited Gift Pack Edition

Leading the wave of civilization and integrating the spirit of the times, Samsung W21 5G has come out as a folding screen mobile phone, allowing people to witness the current technological development and the charm of luxurious design. More than that, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Samsung W21 5G’s Spring Festival limited edition gift pack is also officially launched. At this time, users who purchase this gift package will not only experience the respectful experience created by this model, but also join hands with the smart wearable products in the gift box to enlighten a healthy and exciting future life.

Samsung W21 5G New Year Limited Gift Pack Edition
The products in the Samsung W21 5G New Year Limited Gift Pack Edition include a new generation of folding screen mobile phone Samsung W21 5G, GalaxyWatch3 titanium black smart watch, and Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones. In terms of accessories, the New Year Gift Pack provides a three-in-one wireless accelerated charging base, a Samsung Galaxy Watch3 leather strap, and a Samsung W21 5G exclusive protective leather case. Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also provides three static dials and two dynamic dials, which are exclusively customized for the honorable experience.

The Samsung W21 5G product, just like the Chinese civilization that has passed down Chinese characters for thousands of years, iteratively transforms with the passage of time, and is new through thousands of years. It also integrates the great achievements of technology and craftsmanship to help the cultural carrier change the era. As one of the electronic text carriers in the new era, Samsung W21 5G demonstrates its cultural taste in details. Just like the neatly arranged bamboo slips, the W215G mobile phone innovatively adopts the embossed glass back panel, and the vertical stripe pattern presents a harmonious and orderly sense, which reproduces the writing tradition of the bamboo slip period in the light and shadow.

Samsung W21 5G also pushes the beauty of human craftsmanship to a new peak. With the sophisticated invisible hinge design, W21 5G allows the metal panel and flexible screen to be freely switched between folding and opening. W21 5G also adheres to the ingenuity of pursuing the ultimate perfection. The hinge shell adopts a precise multi-faceted metal cutting process, which echoes the texture design of the glass back panel, creating an integrated design of art collection level. W21 5G is not only one of the media carriers of modern civilization, but also a classic of the times that reflects the beauty of craftsmanship.

The paper is as thin as silk and easy to carry, foldable, and can be compiled into a book. After several leap-forward changes such as silk, silk, paper, etc., the text carrier ushered in the great change of the electronic era, which made cultural communication more vivid. Samsung W21 5G uses a book-like opening, closing and folding method, which combines the wide tolerance of the large electronic screen with the minimalist aesthetics of the streamlined small screen. The unfolded 7.6-inch super-sensory flexible main screen, and the 6.2-inch external screen when folded, make everything under control.

make everything under control
Compared with paper books, mobile phones have increased the storage and presentation of content by tens of millions of times. Samsung W21 5G has proposed a further solution. Its multi-tasking function allows the internal screen to open three applications at the same time and process text simultaneously. Multiple tasks such as, pictures, movies, etc. become possible, and with the drag-and-drop function that realizes real-time transmission between different programs, the efficiency of users reading and disseminating content is once again improved by several times.

Modern civilization inherited for thousands of years is instantly visible at the fingertips. Samsung W21 5G is also equipped with Samsung’s advanced 5G technology, supports dual card dual standby, and boosts the pace of modern civilization in the rapidly developing network speed. Now the Chinese New Year limited edition gift pack is officially launched, which further creates a new experience of respect for people and sends New Year blessings for a better future.