Samsung S21Ultra

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Samsung S21Ultra
Xiao dragon carrying 888 processor samsung S21 series is not only a version of the run result was exposed, and the super cup of S21 Ultra also let the cat out of the rendering on the back again on the Internet, although not from the official final version, but according to insiders, samsung S21 Ultra the arrangement of the rear camera is so, as to the specifications of the specific aspects will be 108 mp main perturbation + 12 mp Ultra wide + 10 mp telephoto + 10 mp dive at the combination of long, and will add automatic focusing laser module, reportedly unlock ultrasonic fingerprint technology is also the upgrade, Larger sensor area and faster unlocking speed.

Confirm the rear camera alignment

The top of the Samsung S21 line of three, the Samsung S21 Ultra has been shown in several versions of the renderings, but none of them are quite what they actually look like. Fortunately, as the launch of the Samsung S21 series approaches, the oversized version has the latest back renderings, which, according to the source, are based on a photocopied version of the Note 20 Ultra rear-mounted camera, but should be similar to the Samsung S21 Ultra camera module.

This claim has been confirmed by an insider who claims that the Samsung S21 Ultra’s rear quadrangle is arranged in this way, except that the camera takes up a lot more space because the camera’s modules are close to the border. In this light, Samsung’s S21 Ultra does take a cue from Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra in the way its camera modules are aligned, with the main changes being the addition of a telepoptionally lens and an improved optical zoom multiplier, followed by the laser focus module above the LED flash.

Dual outsole telephoto lenses support 10X – ray transformers

As for the specific specifications of the Samsung S21 Ultra rear quad, it is almost certain that it will be a combination of 108MP main camera +12MP Ultra Wide +10MP telephoto +10MP potential telephoto. Among them, 108MP was previously reported to be upgraded to HM3 sensor, with a 12% increase in light input and better performance in night view. Sources have revealed that the 12MP ultra wide lens will add auto focus and macro, which seems to be similar to the Mi 11.

The two telephoto lenses in the S21 Ultra will be the ISOCELL 3J1 10.87MP sensor with a 1/3 inch sensor, 1.22 m per pixel, dual-pixel autofocus and 4K video recording, according to sources. Not only such, samsung S21 Ultra a super telephoto lenses also adopted the latent type double reflection design, provide the function of 10 x optical zoom, supplemented by a third of an inch bottoms of 3 x optical zoom telephoto lenses and double pixels automatic focusing, huawei Mate than 40 Pro telephoto + + 8 mp match by the small bottom looking latent type five reflection (the light loss bigger) have more excellent results, is currently the strongest 10 x optical zoom camera.

Upgrade ultrasonic fingerprint unlock

The Samsung S21 Ultra will also bring 4K / 60FPS video recording to all cameras, as well as support for Super Steady shake stabilization and an added dual recording mode. It is equipped with a 6.8-inch micro curved screen with a hole in the center and supports 2K+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The processors are snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100, with a 5,000mah battery, UWB and Wi-Fi 6E (2x speed), available in black and silver, depending on market.

At the same time, Samsung’s initial ultrasonic fingerprint technology for the S10 series has been in the works for two years, and it’s time to upgrade, according to the source, offering bigger (sensor area) and faster (unlocking speed). It seems that the Samsung S21 series is likely to be equipped with Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which provides an identification area 17 times that of the previous generation. It can support simultaneous fingerprint authentication with two fingers, which not only improves security, but also improves the speed of understanding lock and ease of use.

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