Samsung S21 series released tonight

Samsung S21 series released tonight

As the official release of the Samsung S21 series is approaching, official promotional materials have been exposed on the Internet again, detailing the various specifications and configuration information of the three models of the series, confirming that the entire line supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. The system has AKG-tuned dual speakers + IP68 dustproof and waterproof functions. They all use aluminum alloy middle frame design, upgraded ultrasonic fingerprint sensor area and unlocking speed, and are equipped with Snapdragon 888 and Orion 2100 processors according to different markets. And for the first time, the S Pen stylus and 10x optical zoom function have been added to the super cup version, but the entire series only supports 25w fast charging and so on. The following is our summary of all the information on the Samsung S21 series so far. Those who are interested may wish to take a look.

Samsung S21 series released tonight
Standard version adopts plastic back cover design

The upcoming Samsung S21 series will still have three models coming together, namely Samsung S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra. The appearance still inherits the family-style design language. It has a shape that is nearly equal to four sides and reduces the width of the chin. The front lens is still centered. However, the Samsung S21 and S21+ use a straight-face screen shape, while the S21+ Ultra is The only model equipped with a micro-curved screen. On the back part, the biggest feature of the three models of the Samsung S21 series is the integrated processing method of the camera and the middle frame. At the same time, the buttons and the camera will also have a contrasting design with the body color style.

The three models of Samsung S21 series also use AL7s10 aluminum alloy middle frame. The display surface is covered with Gorilla Victus glass, but the material of the back cover is different. Among them, the Samsung S21 standard version uses a plastic back cover design, while the Samsung S21+ and S21 Ultra will have a Gorilla Victus glass back cover. At the same time, the new series of new machines are equipped with AKG-tuned dual speakers as standard across the line, and have slightly increased the size, support Dolby Atmos and have IP68 dust and waterproof functions. However, the weight has increased compared with the previous generation products, including the Samsung S21 standard version from 164 grams in the past S20 to 171 grams, and the Samsung S21+ has become 202 grams due to increased battery capacity. As for the Samsung S21 Ultra The weight reached 228 grams.

The whole system supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate

Samsung S21 series also all use Dynamic AMOLED 2X display screens made of M11 luminescent materials, but perhaps for the sake of cost reduction, the resolution of some models has been adjusted. Among them, Samsung S21 and S21+ with 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch straight-face screens respectively support FHD+ (2400*1080 pixels) resolution, and only Samsung S21 Ultra with 6.8-inch display maintains the past 2K+ (3200*1440 pixels) Resolution, and supports 2K and 120Hz refresh rate to be turned on at the same time. Nevertheless, the latest official promotional materials confirmed that all three new phones support 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which means that Samsung S21 series may all adopt LTPO low-power backplane technology, which can automatically adjust the refresh rate according to the usage scenario. .

The Samsung S21 series is equipped with Qualcomm’s second-generation 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in terms of under-screen fingerprint unlocking technology. Compared with the Samsung S20 series, the sensor size is increased by 77%, and the captured biometric data reaches 1.7 times. As for the fingerprint recognition speed, it is increased. 50%. However, this series of models has no bright spots in terms of battery capacity and charging technology. The three models, including the super cup version, only support 25w wired fast charging, 15w wireless charging and wireless reverse charging. And according to the PD standard like Apple, it can be charged to 50% in half an hour. The battery capacity is 4000mAh for Samsung S21, 4800mAh for S21+ and 5000mAh for S21 Ultra. Only Samsung S21+ has a slight increase compared to the past, while the other two models remain unchanged.

Full upgrade of oversized photo taking

In terms of camera configuration, the standard version of S21 and S21+ have the same front and rear camera specifications. Both are equipped with a 10MP front lens with F2.2 aperture. The same is the 12MP main camera with F1.8 aperture + F2.2 aperture. The rear three-camera combination of a 12MP ultra-wide-angle + F2.0 aperture 64MP telephoto lens. The Samsung S21Ultra, commonly known as the super big cup, has greatly improved in terms of taking pictures. It is not only equipped with a 40MP front lens with F2.2 aperture, but also has a 108MP main camera + 12MP ultra wide + 10MP telephoto + 10MP periscope. The telephoto four-camera combination is equipped with a laser auto-focus module to improve focusing performance.

At the same time, the 108MP main camera of the Samsung S21 Ultra has been upgraded to the second-generation HM3 sensor, which supports super PD focusing. As for the 10MP telephoto lens that supports 3X optical zoom and 10x optical zoom, it is Samsung S5K3J1, with a sensor area of ​​1/3 inches and With a single pixel area of ​​1.22um, it also supports dual-pixel focusing technology. In addition, the machine’s 10MP periscope lens also uses a dual reflection design, only two light reflections are required, and the light loss will be smaller. Will provide 100x or 20x zoom lock shooting function, and even output 12bit RAW format photos.

Starting with 128GB capacity

It is worth mentioning that although the 12MP ultra-wide lens installed in the Samsung S21 series this time has not been upgraded in terms of parameters, it uses the Sony IMX563 sensor, which will have a 1/2.55-inch photosensitive area and a single pixel size of 1.4μm. But only the super-large Samsung S21 Ultra has auto focus and macro functions, while the other two models are still the fixed focus focus mode of the past. As for video shooting, the Samsung S21 series all support 30 frames of 8K video recording and all lenses support 60 frames of 4K video recording, and can also shoot 240 frames of 1080P video images.

The Samsung S21 series will also be equipped with Snapdragon 888 and Orion processors according to different markets, both of which are 5nm process technology and an architectural design using X1 super large core + A78 performance core + A55 energy efficiency core. As for the storage combination, both Samsung S21 and S21+ have 8GB memory and 128GB/256GB storage capacity, while Samsung S21 Ultra offers 12GB and 16GB memory capacities, and 128GB/256GB/512GB storage capacity is optional. Said that all three models do not support memory card expansion.

Exclusive S Pen stylus function

The Samsung S21 series will be pre-installed with the One UI3.1 system based on Android 11. The main highlights include support for incoming video or animation, and the eye protection function has also been upgraded. Users can choose between adaptive and custom. Provides a “director’s view” mode that enables simultaneous recording of the front and rear cameras, which can bring a similar multi-camera shooting effect. Improved the efficiency of seamless connection between mobile phones and tablets. After logging in to the Galaxy tablet with a Samsung account, users only need to click on the icon displayed on the recent screen on the device to continue using the new device. Supported applications include Samsung Browser and Samsung Note. Users can also copy text, images, etc.

As the most significant upgrade of the Samsung S series flagship, the super-large version of the S21 Ultra will also exclusively enjoy the S Pen stylus function of the previous Samsung Note series, but because there is no special slot, users need to buy a special The current news is that the protective cover containing the S Pen stylus is priced at 499 yuan, and if you have a stylus in the past and only purchase the protective cover separately, the price will be 179 yuan.

Randomly cancel the headset and charging head

The Samsung S21 series will also follow Apple’s footsteps and cancel the earphones and chargers that come with it in the name of environmental protection. According to the exposed official promotional materials, the packaging box of the upcoming Samsung S21 series retail version only comes with a quick start guide, SIM card tools and USB-C connection cables, including AKG headsets and charging heads have been cancelled. As for the National Bank version of Samsung S21+ and S21 Ultra, there are also no earphones and charging heads. Only the standard version of Samsung S21 National Bank will give a random 25w charging head.

As for the color styles of the Samsung S21 series, the standard version of the S21 National Bank will provide three colors such as Ink Shadow Gray, Fan Dream Purple, and Silky Fog White, while the newly-added pink version has no chance to meet us, while the Samsung S21+ National Bank will There will be three colors of Youye Black, Fantasy Silver and Brahma Dream Purple. The newly exposed bronze and red versions will be launched for different markets. As for the Samsung S21 Ultra National Bank, there are only two color styles: Youye Black and Illusion Silver, although blue, gray and brown versions will be added later, and the gray and blue version of the camera module will have a unique and textured effect similar to carbon fiber. But when it will appear on the Bank of China version is also unknown.

The Bank of China version will be sold on January 27

In addition, according to the latest exclusive report on the German website, the newly added color styles above Samsung S21+ and S21Ultra can only be purchased through the Samsung online store. For example, users of Samsung S21+ who want to get the red or bronze version need to order in advance and wait four to five weeks for the goods to arrive. Samsung’s move is said to reduce inventory risk. It is reported that the Samsung S21 series project code-named “Pallet” will be officially released at 23:00 on January 14th, Beijing time, and then the pre-sale will start simultaneously. Subscribers in various countries and regions have anti-lost tags and wireless headsets. For different gifts, the European market will officially go on sale on January 29, and the price will be lowered to varying degrees than the previous generation S20 series.

As for the Samsung S21 series of National Bank version, the current three models have obtained network access licenses. The mobile phone models are SM-G9910, SM-G9960 and SM-G9980, which all support dual card dual standby and dual mode 5G functions. Basically it has been confirmed that it will be released at 7:30 pm on January 18, and it is rumored that the first sale will begin on January 27. However, there are different opinions about the selling price of Samsung S21 series, but considering that Samsung is very optimistic about the sales prospect of S21 series, it is expected that the price will be lower than the previous generation products. As for whether the pricing of the standard version is as rumored as the 53XX, let us wait and see.