Samsung S21 equipped with 100 million pixel lens

S21+ will still It is a fixed focus focus mode

Samsung not only officially released three new models of the S21 series, and announced the price of the National Bank version of the pioneer plan, but also the flagship sensor ISOCELL HM3, which is the first launch of the Super Big Cup S21 Ultra. The main feature is the support for 12-bit color depth and the use of Enhanced Super-PD Plus focus, and with the help of new technology to reduce dark light noise.

At the same time, Samsung also plans to launch an upgraded version of the S Pen Pro stylus for the Samsung S21 Ultra, adding Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which will improve its functions. As for the Hong Kong version that everyone cares about, the price has been released, and the starting price Only 5898 Hong Kong dollars, or about 4925 yuan, looks more attractive than the Bank of China version.

Samsung S21 equipped with 100 million pixel lens
108MP new HM3 sensor released

With the official debut of the Samsung S21 series, Samsung also launched a new flagship sensor ISOCELL HM3. Compared with the previous generation ISOCELL HM2 sensor, there is no change in core parameters. The photosensitive area is still 1/1.33 inches, and the single pixel size is 0.8. μm, can output up to 108 million pixels (12000×9000) photos and support 9-in-1 pixels output 1200 pixels (single pixel area 2.4μm), the main change is the improved Super PD Plus focus function, the focus speed is increased 50%.

Another highlight of Samsung ISOCELL HM3 is that it provides support for 12bit color depth, which can present more than 68 billion colors, which is 64 times the previous 10bit color depth. In terms of video, it supports 30-frame 8K video and 120-frame 4K video shooting. The newly added Smart ISO Pro and Staggered HDR technology can further reduce noise in dark light and reduce power consumption by 6.5%. In addition, the Samsung S21 Ultra will not only launch the ISOCELL HM3 sensor, but also the 12MP ultra-wide lens that is equipped with confirmed exclusive autofocus function, which provides better support for macro shooting, while the co-launch Samsung S21 and S21+ will still It is a fixed focus focus mode.

S21+ will still It is a fixed focus focus mode

Will push an upgraded version of the S Pen Pro stylus

It is worth mentioning that although Samsung S21 Ultra added support for the S Pen stylus for the first time this time, it does not provide Bluetooth functionality, so it cannot have the air-operated function like Samsung Note 20 series and other models. Fortunately, Samsung has stated that it will launch an upgraded version of the stylus in the next few months, the official name is S Pen Pro.

According to Samsung’s official statement, the S Pen Pro stylus will increase support for low-power (BLE) Bluetooth technology and provide wireless connectivity, and will be larger in size to provide a better sense of holding hands. However, due to the lack of a dedicated slot, the S Pen Pro stylus is still not as convenient as the Samsung Note series in terms of charging. At the same time, although the old S Pen can also be used on the Samsung S21 Ultra, it also does not have the air operation function.


S21 series Hong Kong version price released

At present, Samsung has officially announced the early adopter price of the S21 series National Bank version of the pioneer plan. Among them, the Samsung S21 standard version of the 8+128GB storage combination is 5999 yuan, and the 8+256GB version is 6799 yuan; and the early adopter prices of the 8+128GB and 8+256GB versions of the Samsung S21+ are 7699 yuan and 8499 yuan, respectively. The Samsung S21 Ultra National Bank started directly with a 256GB capacity, and the prices for the 12+256GB and 16+512GB storage combinations were 10,199 yuan and 11,199 yuan, respectively.

In contrast, the newly announced price of the Hong Kong version of the Samsung S21 series is more down-to-earth. With the same storage combination, the prices of the two versions of the Samsung S21 are 5,898 Hong Kong dollars and 6,298 Hong Kong dollars respectively, which is approximately RMB 4925. And about 5258 yuan. The two versions of Samsung S21+ are priced at 7598 Hong Kong dollars and 7998 Hong Kong dollars respectively, which are approximately 6345 and 6678 yuan converted into RMB. As for the two storage combinations of Samsung S21Ultra Hong Kong version, the prices are 9698 Hong Kong dollars and 10698 Hong Kong dollars, which are approximately equivalent. Around RMB 8097 and RMB 8,932, will be officially launched on January 29th. Of course, the early adopter price of the Samsung S21 series National Bank Pioneer Plan is not the final price. As for whether it is closer to the Hong Kong version in terms of pricing, we should leave it to the Bank of China press conference on January 18 to reveal the answer for us.