Samsung refused to sell AMOLED screens

Samsung refused to sell AMOLED screens

First, let’s take a look at the problem of small-size OLED screens turning green. As we all know, Samsung is the main supplier of iPhone screens. Among them, from the iPhone X mobile phone, Apple has used Samsung AMOLED screens. Due to the large supply of iPhone, Samsung also specially opened a new production line for Apple. Although the cost is high, it is exclusively owned by Apple. At least in the screen, the iPhone X has not yet exposed the green screen problem.

Moreover, the iPhone X mobile phone panel has rich color levels, especially wide gray scales. In low brightness, especially after turning on “reduce white point value”, there is still clear information presentation, so it is relatively unnecessary to turn on high brightness to satisfy users. Demand, long-term viewing is more eye protection.

However, due to the high quotation of Samsung OLED screens, in order to maximize profits, Apple wanted to find a competitor for Samsung and reduce the price of Samsung screens through bidding. This is also a normal operation of the mobile phone industry. This time, Apple released four new mobile phones. Due to the larger camp, it chose two OLED panel vendors, Samsung and LG.

LG and Samsung are both large LCD panel manufacturers in South Korea, but their research directions are quite different. For example, Samsung is good at small-size AMOLED panels and has made the technology better in the industry; LG is good at making larger sizes and is developing POLED screens. Due to different pixel arrangements and different manufacturing processes, AMOLED screens have become popular, but POLED has been slow to produce energy.

Samsung’s mix of small-size OLED panels is booming, and LG has also gained a certain say in the field of large-size OLED panels. Although the areas of excellence are different, they have a high reputation in the global panel industry.

Secondly, from the current point of view, many people in the industry speculate that the reason for the green screen of the iPhone 12 is not the Samsung screen, but the LG OLED screen. There is a reason for everyone’s speculation. Many brands that use Samsung AMOLED screens to make mobile phones have not exposed the green screen problem; however, similar incidents have occurred in mobile phone brands that use LG OLED screens.

It is understood that Xiaomi Mi Note2 uses LG screen. For various reasons, Samsung refused to sell AMOLED screens, and then bought LG’s screens. However, there were many problems with the Xiaomi Mi Note2 screen that used LG, such as color cast, distortion, and so on. Xiaomi was also seriously pitted that year. After that, Mr. Lei Jun was very cautious about LG’s screen.