Samsung is digging the corner of TSMC?

Samsung is digging the corner of TSMC?

The mobile communication media GSMArena reprinted the news that Samsung may produce AMD CPU/APU today.

The news was first revealed by a user of the Korean technology forum Clien, and the SamMobile website subsequently reported the corresponding content. Samsung and AMD have been co-developing custom GPUs in Exynos chips before. Now this cooperation relationship may be closer.

SamMobile said that all of AMD’s current products are produced by TSMC. In order to avoid product supply interruption, AMD hopes that TSMC can increase the output of CPU and APU chips by 50%.

Samsung is digging the corner of TSMC?

TSMC still has strong demand in advanced process nodes. Apple is still TSMC’s largest 5nm customer. In addition to almost taking over TSMC’s 5nm production capacity last summer, there were reports at the end of last year that Apple had monopolized TSMC’s 5nm production capacity by more than 80% in 2021. In addition, TSMC’s 3nm production capacity is also expected to give priority to Apple.

In this case, Samsung is likely to get AMD CPU and APU orders. If the news comes true, AMD will be the first company to use Samsung’s 3nm process.

Conclusion: The foundry market is good, Samsung TSMC increases investment

Recently, Samsung has been competing with TSMC in the foundry field. This is because the expected increase in the foundry market is relatively optimistic. According to data from the market research company Counterpoint, the market size may reach 100 billion US dollars around 2022. .

Recently, TSMC and Samsung have announced that they will spend tens of billions of dollars to build factories in the United States to expand production capacity and compete for American customers. Nvidia and Qualcomm previously chose to transfer part of their orders to Samsung due to the low foundry prices of Samsung. As the chip outsourcing model becomes more and more common, foundries such as Samsung and TSMC may intensify competition for customers. .