Samsung Gear wearable device

Samsung Gear wearable device

Samsung Gear wearable device
If the rumors are true, the Galaxy S21 should be released next month. However, the arrival of the new phone could spell bad news for some Samsung wearables users, as some older wearables will not be compatible with the new phones.

The news was reported by GalaxyClub, which took its message from a notice in Samsung’s membership app that older Gear wearables won’t be available for phones that will be released in 2021. Here is a list of incompatible wearables:



Gear2 Neo

Gear S

Gear Fit

The devices listed above were launched between 2013 and 2014 and are at least six years old, so it’s understandable that Samsung will end support for them next year.

Not only will these wearables not work with the Galaxy S21, they won’t work with other Samsung phones coming out next year, including the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip foldable phones, as well as more affordable phones such as the Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A52.

However, they will continue to be compatible with older devices, including those released this year.

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