Samsung Galaxy watch 4 revealed

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 revealed

Samsung’s upcoming new smart watch Galaxy watch 4 will use Chinese manufacturer ATL and Samsung SDI battery suppliers, the two companies have confirmed the news, according to Korean media thelec. Samsung has terminated the supply of ATL products since the Samsung Galaxy note 7 fire in 2017, but Samsung S21 phones are now re using ATL’s batteries.


The galaxy watch 3 currently on sale

The external media said ATL would supply lithium polymer batteries for the galaxy watch 41mm small version, while Samsung SDI would supply 45mm. The 41mm version of the watch has a battery capacity of 240mAH and 45mm version has 350mah battery. The new ATL battery supplier is due to lower costs.


Currently, Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is made of stainless steel shell, which supports blood oxygen monitoring and wireless charging. Meanwhile, LTE version supports ESIM card to provide call function, which costs 2199 yuan. Galaxy watch 341mm battery capacity 246mah, 45mm version capacity 340mah.

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