Samsung Electronics is developing thinner

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Samsung is developing nanostructures to make the capacitors thinner. The company is seeking to make dielectric materials from nanoscale powders and is also working on a way to atomize raw material powders.

Specifically, Samsung said that for MLCC capacitors with a width of 0.6 mm and a thickness of 0.3 mm, they will be made of 0.47 micron dielectric particles and 100 nanometer powders. The company aims to reduce the diameter of dielectric particles to 0.36 microns by 2022 and 0.3 microns by 2025.

Samsung’s current MLCC capacitor technology can achieve a capacity of 28.6 mm3 μ F. The goal for the future is to achieve a staggering 60.4 per cubic millimeter μ F。

At present, MLCC capacitors are widely used in smart phones, smart wear and other highly integrated electronic devices, but the price of the product has fluctuated sharply this year. If Samsung develops this kind of capacitor smoothly, it will help to further reduce the volume of electronic equipment.