Ruiyuan launches AT8915S highly integrated wireless charging

Ruiyuan launches AT8915S highly integrated wireless charging

With the popularity of wireless charging technology, many products have already supported wireless charging, and we use wireless charging in more and more occasions. The mobile phones produced in the past two years have fully supported wireless charging, and many models of TWS Bluetooth headsets also support wireless charging. Just put the device on when it needs to be charged, no need to find a data cable, and it can be charged and discharged. It can be said that wireless charging has brought a lot of convenience to our lives.

Ruiyuan launches AT8915S highly integrated wireless charging

Many people are dual-device parties, and they need to charge two mobile phones at the same time when they go home at night. The traditional single-coil wireless charger is not friendly enough for dual-device parties. Wireless charging one and wired charging are still a bit troublesome, a bit deviating from wireless The original intention of charging.

In response to the demand for dual wireless charging, some manufacturers have introduced wireless charging with dual coils and two sets of wireless charging masters independently controlled. However, this dual-coil wireless charger has two independent circuits inside, so the cost is relatively high and the price is relatively high. So is there a more cost-effective solution?

Ruiyuan releases one core dual fast charge SOC chip

Ruiyuan’s newly launched AT8915S is a power stage integrated inside the main control, and it can also be connected to an external driver to achieve a second wireless charging SOC chip, and both wireless charging can be fast charged at the same time, without a coil fast charging. , The case of a coil of 5W.

Ruiyuan AT8915S adopts QFN6*6-48pin package, thanks to the high integration of the chip, the peripheral components are very simple.

Ruiyuan AT8915S built-in 32-bit ARM M0 MCU core, operating frequency 96MHz, can support user-customized privatized wireless charging protocol, built-in 32K Flash, 4KB SRAM, support USB-C interface upgrade.

Ruiyuan AT8915S can be configured as one-core dual fast charge through its open GPIO and MCU resources. Use an AT8915S chip plus an op amp and an integrated full-bridge power stage chip to output PWM signals through the chip’s GPIO pins to drive an external integrated full-bridge driver, and one chip can control two independent wireless charging, and Both can provide wireless fast charging.

Ruiyuan AT8915S supports Apple’s fixed frequency voltage regulation function, and can realize two 15W wireless fast charging through an external step-down converter. At the same time, the built-in touch module can support touch operation and touch switch, which can be used to touch desk lamps or touch fans and other personalized functions.

AT8915S supports USB PD fast charging, can apply for 9V, 12V power supply, and output EPP 15W wireless charging. It can also be configured to 15W+15W, 7.5W+7.5W or 10W+5W power output. It can be used in a dual-coil wireless charger to support simultaneous charging of mobile phones, mobile phones, mobile phones, watches, mobile phones and earphones. Reduce the cost of a main control and its peripheral components.

Using Ruiyuan AT8915S to realize one-core dual fast charging, PCBA and coil can be designed independently, PCBA and coil can be separated, heat generation can be dispersed, and temperature rise can be reduced. Using AT8915S to design a wireless charger with one core and two fast charging, compared with two independent wireless chargers, it reduces the use of a wireless charging master, which can effectively reduce costs, simplify design, and improve product competitiveness.

Where is the advantage of one-core dual fast charge SOC

This traditional wireless charging with dual coils and two circuits independently controlled can charge two mobile phones at the same time, which is indeed convenient, but the combination of two independent wireless charging masters and power levels adds wireless charging. The cost of supply, especially at this time of shortage, one more master control will increase the risk of supply and price increase.

Ruiyuan AT8915S is a full-featured wireless charging SoC. The chip integrates MCU core required for wireless charging, wireless charging driver stage, power stage, PWM generator, PD and QC voltage application, step-down and voltage stabilization circuits, etc. , The circuit peripheral components are very streamlined.

Only a master controller plus an op amp and integrated power stage can realize one-core dual fast charging. The master controller has integrated a complete set of wireless charging circuits. The master controller outputs PWM drive signals through the GPIO pin and connects to the op amp. For signal demodulation, an external integrated power stage is used to drive the coil to achieve another wireless fast charge, and the addition of a buck converter can achieve Apple’s fixed-frequency and voltage-regulated wireless charging.

Ruiyuan’s wireless charging master supports multiple applications and supports repeated erasing and writing. A chip can be flexibly used in a variety of solutions for easy stock management. At the same time, Ruiyuan’s wireless charging master control has the advantage of streamlining the periphery, which can reduce the use of peripheral components, which is very friendly to production, and can achieve a compact design, thereby reducing the overall cost.

Ruiyuan AT8915S wireless charger + has abundant peripheral resources. The original factory opens a library of complete wireless charging functions. Users can develop expanded functions based on the library, and the rich product functions can realize differentiated products.

Summary of charging head network

Nowadays, with supply and capacity issues, the situation of shortages is becoming more and more serious. The surge of single-chip microcomputers has affected the traditional single-chip microcomputer plus full-bridge wireless charging solution, and the next best thing to do is to increase the cost of the power-taking chip plus wireless charging chip solution. Ruiyuan’s AT8915S solution can simplify the solution of two main controllers plus two power stages plus a power chip in the traditional dual fast charge wireless charging board into only one main control, one op amp, and one integrated The power level can be completed.

Ruiyuan’s highly integrated wireless charging master control solution greatly facilitates the cost control and material management of products for wireless charging manufacturers. And streamlined materials also reduce production costs. And the powerful MCU can also meet the development of differentiated functions, and realize novel product design through reserved GPIO pins.