RTX 30 series notebooks are coming

RTX 3060 laptop GPU

On the 12th of this month, Intel officially released the 11th generation Core H35 series processors at CES 2021, and AMD officially released the Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors at CES 2021 the next day. Compared with the first two new processor releases, gamers are undoubtedly more interested in the GeForce RTX 30 series notebook GPUs released by NVIDIA on the same day on the 13th.

RTX 30 series notebooks are coming

In this conference, NVIDIA vice president Jeff Fisher released a total of three GeForce RTX 30 series notebook GPUs, namely: RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080.

This series of GPUs use the second-generation NVIDIA RTX architecture-Ampere, equipped with new RT Core, Tensor Core and streaming multi-processors, which can bring users realistic ray tracing effects and advanced AI functions. At the same time, GeForce laptops equipped with the new third-generation Max-Q technology will be able to use AI and new system optimization options to allow high-performance gaming laptops to far exceed their previous performance.

Performance parameter

At present, NVIDIA official website has announced the relevant parameters of these three GeForce RTX 30 series notebook GPUs:

 RTX 3060 laptop GPU
RTX 3060 laptop GPU has 3840 CUDA cores, power consumption can be 80-115W, acceleration frequency 1283-1703MHz, equipped with 192-bit GDDR6 6GB video memory. The graphics performance is comparable to the previous generation RTX 2080 SUPER. When running the latest games, it can achieve a frame rate of 90 frames per second under the ultra-high setting of 1080P.

RTX 3070 laptop GPU has 5120 CUDA cores, power consumption can be 80-125W, acceleration frequency 1290-1620MHz, equipped with 256-bit GDDR6 8GB video memory. The performance is 50% faster than the previous generation RTX 2070. When running the latest games, it can achieve a frame rate of 90 frames per second at an ultra-high setting of 1440P.

RTX 3080 laptop GPU has 6144 CUDA cores, power consumption can be 80-150+W, acceleration frequency 1245-1710MHz, equipped with 256-bit GDDR6 memory, the maximum memory size can reach 16GB. It is the highest performance notebook GPU to date. It can run RTX games at a frame rate of 100 frames per second with ray tracing enabled.

The third generation of Max-Q technology

In addition to improving game performance, GeForce RTX 30 series notebook GPUs also introduce the third-generation Max-Q technology, using AI and new system optimization, from chip, software, PCB design, to power distribution and cooling system, RTX 30 series Each part of the notebook computer has been specially optimized for power and performance, making its energy efficiency ratio twice that of the previous generation.

These technologies mainly include:

●Dynamic Boost 2.0: The CPU and GPU power of traditional gaming notebooks are fixed, while games and creative applications are dynamic, and the requirements for the system will vary with the number of frames. The new AI-driven Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology can automatically balance and adjust the power consumption between GPU, GPU memory and CPU and provide the required power, which greatly improves the operating efficiency of notebook computers and brings superior performance far beyond the previous.

●WhisperMode 2.0: WhisperMode brings a new level of voice control to the game, but it also limits GPU performance and game frame rate. After a thorough redesign, and customized construction from the system level to each laptop. Now that you choose the noise level you want, the AI ​​driving algorithm of WhisperMode 2.0 can manage the CPU, GPU, system temperature and fan speed to provide you with good noise performance while still maintaining excellent performance.

●Resizable BAR: In the past, the CPU could only access part of the GPU memory, which means that we need to constantly update the video memory content, but now through the advanced PCI Express technology of Resizable BAR, the CPU will be able to access the entire GPU memory at one time. Many games bring higher performance improvements.

●NVIDIA DLSS: NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling Technology) is a pioneering AI rendering technology that uses the dedicated AI processing unit-Tensor Core equipped with GeForce RTX, which can achieve the same power consumption without loss of image quality. Bring up to 2 times the performance improvement, greatly increase the game frame rate. Under normal circumstances, to process a frame at 1440 resolution, a single GPU needs to calculate nearly 4 million pixels. When the NVIDIA DLSS function is turned on, the GPU only needs to process a small part of the pixels. Other pixels are rendered and filled by AI. Improve efficiency and improve performance. This will undoubtedly provide you with enough space to adjust the settings and increase the resolution to get a more exciting visual experience.


New tools

In addition to the above features, the new GeForce RTX 30 series notebooks will also bring new tools to gamers and creators.

●NVIDIA Broadcast: With powerful AI features such as virtual background and noise cancellation, enhance your experience in live broadcast, voice chat, and remote meetings. In addition, the performance and image quality brought by GPU-accelerated encoding technology show all your wonderful moments in exquisite details.

●NVIDIA Reflex: A revolutionary technology for measuring and optimizing system latency for competitive games, bringing lower latency and faster response speed.

●NVIDIA Studio: Realize AI acceleration in popular creative applications, supported by the NVIDIA Studio platform that includes dedicated drivers and tools.

About the sale

With the end of the NVIDIA online live event, the release date of laptops equipped with RTX 30 series graphics cards has finally been officially announced. Among them, products equipped with GeForce RTX 3080 and GeForce RTX 3070 notebook GPUs will be officially launched on January 26, 2021, and products equipped with GeForce RTX 3060 notebook GPUs will be officially launched on February 2.

Since the establishment of Machinist, almost all NVIDIA notebook GPUs have been used from M510 to F117-X. Machinists have worked closely with NVIDIA to bring the most advanced mobile experience to users. In the first lineup of the RTX 30 series of notebook computers, the mechanic brand has launched three new configuration products: [War Air] F117-X, [War Air] F117-FP, and [Zhu Kong] T58-V.

Among them, [Zhankong] F117-X, as the 6th anniversary flagship of the mechanic brand, will provide users with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070&NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 notebook GPU and i7-10870H processor, up to 32G memory + 1T SSD, 240Hz high refresh rate Its flagship configuration fully meets the high demands of players and creators for equipment in gaming and professional software processing.